06 December 2013

BP099211, BP122665 -- B241450, From where I sit, PART II

http://benamarine.blogspot.com part of court record.

Introduced by defendant's attorney, Daniel K. Lak, case BP135381



Robert lied in his testimony concerning many issues but, one lie that he told that sticks out immediately came just as soon as he took the witness stand is when he stated having one child. In reality Robert has four children all daughters. Lynn, Lenora, Lynette and Laconia from his first wife Linda whom he murdered.

He married Banessa Coleman after he was released from prison for said murder. During his marriage to Banessa he also had relationships with at least two other women.

Sandra Pritchard Smith and Barbara Powell.  

Barbara Powell would become his third wife and they stayed together until Barbara was arrested and convicted for murder.  The child that he claimed as his own during his testimony is actually Barbara's daughter, Yolanda Butler. 

Robert's natural children do not have a relationship with him which he blamed on Edwina and Steven not that he murder their mother.  

Robert was also accused of rape [he robbed her] in 1961 but, was acquitted.

Robert is known by the street name, "Buddha" and has a history of street violence, is known to have shot his first wife's brother and cousin.  He assaulted and slashed a co-worker with a knife. 

He also has a history of woman beating.  He beat Linda on several occasions, stomping her with steel-toed boots, kicking her down stairs and dragging her by the hair.

Banessa was a church going woman he beat her and cheated on her with several other women, two of which were mentioned earlier, he left Banessa for Barbara. Banessa later died from a broken heart.

Barbara wouldn't stand for the beatings, set their apartment on fire and later during the relationship shot it out with Robert from her mother's house as he was shooting at her from across the street [Wilmington & 122nd St, Compton].  That marriage ended when Barbara was convicted and sentenced for killing a neighborhood crack dealer that they owed money too.

Robert Lewis Fuller
FBI Tracking Number, Case File: CI 01261737


Doris should have been born a man, she believes that she can do what ever a man can do only better.  

She has always been involved with drugs and drug dealers.  

On one occasion about the same time that she purchased the Bradfield property she had to go to Thelsey to borrow money to keep some drug dealer from killing her.

Roger Grant the father of one of her children
was murdered when he couldn't come up with the drug money that he left in Doris's care while he was behind bars and which she spent. I wrote James Hawkins Jr. where he is currently housed and he maintained that he did not murder Roger Grant but, did acknowledge d that Grant was a snitch for the police.

Doris went to Thelsey in 2007 and asked him for money.  He offered her $42,000.00 and told her it was her inheritance.  She turned it down and told him that it wasn't enough.

Neither Robert or Doris would do anything for Thelsey unless he paid them even after he was giving them thousands of dollars each month when he lived alone. My grandfather complained to me that they wouldn't even come to see him.  I talked with my grandfather almost on a daily basis.  So, I asked him why he gave them money if they treated him in that way.  He said because he had it.  So, I told him not to do it anymore and he stopped.  Which is exactly how I knew which banking records would be relevant in this case as Robert and Doris threatened me when they thought I was coming to California not for a visit per my grandfather's request but, their belief that I was coming home to take care of him.  No way in hell would they have been able to dog out my grandfather as they did had I been there. They probably would have killed me or me them.

 My grandfather never wanted to be placed in a convalescent hospital and that was always his stance. He damn sure didn't want to get robbed. When I sent the sheriff to Doris's home to check on his well being they refused to disclose his whereabouts. Three weeks later he was dead.


I believe that Daniel K. Lak never represented Thelsey L. Fuller, that was never the plan.

Los Angeles County Superior Court Cases
BP099211, BP118616, BP122665,  BP135381

California 2nd District Court of Appeal


  1. Robert and Doris seem like such unsavory characters. That lak gleep professes to be a Christian, yet he is rude, obnoxious, lies cheats and steals. Hardly Christian qualities. All of them seem to be perfectly compatible with each other.

  2. Hi Michael. I received a call today and was lead to this site. I've been here for hours reading, reading and omg reading. As I sit here, I have to take time to gather my thoughts because they are just all over the place at this point and I don't even know where to begin. First and foremost I would like to tell you I love you. Regardless of your feelings for me or anyone else in this Fuller Family. You are my cousin or maybe not if what you list here to be true. That's another story of it's on and I'm not even interested in going there. Meanwhile, It brings great sorrow to my spirits, as I sit and wonder why would you include me in such derogatory post. I have never done anything to you or anyone. I just don't understand. I am truly confused, hurt, and sad. I am not involved in all the craziness with the case. I have nothing to do with it. I am actually against it all. I don't think people should fight over other people money or property. I'm also against elderly abuse. I understand greed changes people character and money could bring the worst out in a lot of people. I don't want to be mentioned on your website. Yes my mom served her time for 1st degree murder. I know the case very well. I was there. I know the story I witness it. I lived it. I experienced something no child should have to ever experience. I was standing 2 feet from the guy when she shot him multiple times before he fell to MY feet. It was never over drugs or money. I listened to them argue for at least 5 minutes before the guy was shot who later died at the hospital. I knew this guy who was killed, he was no drug dealer. I shared classes with his son. That was a horrible situation for anyone to have to experience especially a child. It has nothing to do with what's going on in the courts today, which leaves me confused, why you must mention it in your blog. I understand you are painting a picture of my dads character but why includes us in that story.

  3. My thoughts are so sporadic and I know I may be a little tangent in the words I write but I am going to try to keep my focus and get to the point. We have not seen each other in years. I was a child maybe 13-14 years old, i don't know but I still have vivid memories of you although they were so long ago. I don't ever remember the person who write the words I've been reading throughout this blog. It's so much hateful words. I know that you are angry about whats going on. It's very evident and understandable. It's to be expected after all your mother is involved as well. I truly believe that you still have a heart and feelings. There are cold hearted people in our world. I mean people without any soul. They feel nothing. They care about nobody. Michael, I hope you don't fall into that category. I am human and I too have feelings. I am not heartless. I care about you too, eventhough you are putting me in a uncomfortable position. I love all you guys. I have experience a lot of good and bad in my time. My life has been the lessor of easy. But I try to live a happy drama free life now. Life is hard for us all and it's always throwing curve balls to us and hurdles to overcome. I suppose for me this is one of those times now. I am being involved into a situation I never wanted any part of. I am asking you to please remove all reference of me and my mom from your blog. I did a google search and found my name on a few pages in your blog.

  4. The below pages are the few I found reference to me.







  5. I also wanted to clear the record on one of those pages your post line #7 you wrote that I told my dad to sell the Inglewood property and take the proceeds to move to Arizona. I have NEVER told my dad to sell any property EVER. I love my dad with everything in me. I have always suggested he come to Arizona. The cost of living is more affordable here and Los Angeles is just a bad place to live and my dad is old. Yes, I want my dad to move here. But I NEVER told him do anything with anyone property and/or money. I actually just learned about all this crap when I went to LA few months before Thelsey passed away my dad and I went to visit him and we sat and talked for awhile. This is when my dad told me what was happening. I thought it was sad then and I still think its sad now. I think everything should be donated to people in the Philippines who has nothing and everyone walk away. That's my take on this journey. It's only my opinion I don't believe anyone should get anything. Edwina is dead, Thelsey is dead and people are still fighting and the lawyers is going to get everything. I'm just so pacifistic. I want everyone to be happy. I want to be happy. I hope you too has something going on in your life that makes you beyond happy. We only have one life here on earth and we have to make everyday worth it. Well *cousin* if you don't mind being referred as such, writing all this stuff has been physically draining to both my mind and body. It's 1:48 am, and I would like to ask you to please consider my request in the removal. You are more than welcome to reply to me by email at *@live.com

    With love your Cousin, Yolanda (Sug)

  6. Sug,
    I know a lot of things that you don't know about the family's business, I know a lot about your Dad that you don't know too, he and I turned a lot of corners together. I'm a lot older than you are and this ain't even half of it. That Robert was going to sell the Inglewood property and move to your location came out of his mouth. I in no way would ever want or try to hurt you. It is just what it is and the truth doesn't care who tells it. But, on the other side of the coin a lie gets half way around the world before the truth has a chance to get it's pants on. Robert, Doris and the Lak fella are pathological. What they did to Daddy, Momma and the rest is sick. Know that I fell for you but, your Dad is an asshole, a scumbag, the list gets longer. And don't feel bad cuz, you didn't do a damn thing.

  7. Michael I guess you never considered my request. I did receive your email to my inbox. But I decided to reply here since I felt in my heart you would post my reply anyway. So, I suppose this hurdle is just another part of life obstacles. I know that you are much older and I am sure there is a lot of things you know that none of the children of my generation are aware of us. That's typical with age and silence. You tell me not to feel bad because I did nothing, I can't help but to feel bad. I am human. I have feelings. I get it you and everyone else around the world feel like my Dad is the scum of the earth and that's ok. But, that's like me tell you not to feel that way. That's your honest feelings, beliefs or truth. You are welcome to feel and believe that. I would never try to deter you from your beliefs. I have never asked you not to write these things. I came to you as an adult whom heart is already crushing by an life altering experience I am already going through then to be notified about this blog. Just add fuel to an already burning fire. I'm still confused, I suppose my confusion will remain because I still don't understand. You are not trying to hurt me, so why include me in this story? I have nothing to do with the elderly abuse you write about. I did not take anyone's money, assets or property nor have I gain from it. I feel I am guilty by association and that's not fair to anyone. Me being born regardless of relation put in this situation. Life is not fair, none of us gets out alive. All this stuff really sucks badly. I feel bad for everyone involve it's a horrible thing to deal with. Losing parents and fighting over assets. It's bad for our inner peace. I really hope you take a little time to reflect on your words and reconsider my request.

    1. I haven't had a chance to look it over but, I will. Your dad turned on me, threatened me in 2007 for no other reason than greed. When I left California in December of 1990 it was my intention to never return because, I knew exactly the type of people in my own family that I was dealing with. Then when Daddy asked me to come home I had to cancel my vacation because I didn't want to go to jail behind Robert's and Doris's sorry asses. Ain't no way in hell I was going to let them try and hurt me or fuck over Daddy & Momma. All would need do is say something sideways out of their mouths toward me. I would go ape shit! I didn't go to Daddy's funeral and I didn't go to Momma's funeral. Not for my safety but, for theirs. As it stands now, I know that I can never trust myself in California as long as they are alive. And had Daddy told me who's ass to kick, there would be no blog. I kept asking, he wouldn't tell me. In the very end though he knew they were not to be trusted but, it was too late.

  8. Ms. Butler,

    Robert L. Fuller's deposition and testimony can not be changed it is part of the record, the record is public.

    He is the one that mentioned you but, not your siblings.

    He denied all of your siblings, which we find shocking.

    Mr. Long's declaration stands as well, it is a part of the record.

    Monica Post


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