27 January 2012

FBI Letter -- Re: Thelsey L. Fuller

17 January 2010

FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C.
Federal Bureau of Investigation
J. Edgar Hoover Building
935 Pennsylvania Avenue,
NW Washington, D.C. 20535-0001


I am, the son of Ms. Sandra J. Arnold (Fuller) and the third eldest grandchild of Mr. Thelsey L. Fuller and Mrs. Edwina J. Fuller.

God created the Heavens and the Earth in six days, on the seventh day he rested.

Adam and Eve were in the Garden of Eden, when Eve was seduced by the serpent, Adam stood there and didn't open his mouth.

I refuse to rest or shut up until what I believe has been done in relationship and by the actions of others in regards to my grandfather during the last year of his life and to my grandmother to this day, is brought fully into the light.

As the Sun rules the day and the Moon rules the night, Robert L. Fuller and Doris A. Fuller, through a Power of Attorney, legal advice and services provided to them by Attorney Daniel K. Lak, caused them to have rule and dominion over my ninety-two year old maternal grandfather, Mr. Thelsey L. Fuller for little over a year and until his death.

After coming into the care of Robert L. Fuller and Doris A. Fuller, he was not allowed to communicate or interact with the rest of his family as he had in the past and was only subjected to their influence.

It is only now coming to light the damages that were visited upon my grandfather before his death and I can not begin to surmise the anguish he must have felt by being separated from those that truly loved him as he laid on his death bed.

As an heir of Mr. Thelsey L. Fuller, asking him for, receiving and having full enjoyment of my inheritance while he was alive... his love (and friendship) as I knew that no one could deny or take it from me as they had taken and denied me, him. I have now become privy to the Thelsey S. Fuller Trust that was set up by Attorney Daniel K. Lak and which I believe has been in the possession of Robert L. Fuller and Doris A. Fuller since its inception circa July 2008. As a family courtesy, I received the document from Mr. Steven A. Fuller the caregiver and conservator for my grandmother, Mrs. Edwina J. Fuller and her estate. As a direct result of Steven's efforts to protect her, was I able to obtain the attached document titled Thelsey S. Fuller Trust [sic]. And, only after the judge ordered that it be turned over during a hearing held on 14 January 2010 in Los Angeles Superior Court, Division 11, case number BP099211. Also the "Proceeding Held" section on the courts web site reflects far to many instances where the matter before the Court was continued which indicates in my mind that someone was hoping my grandmother would expire before the matter before the court was settled. And from what I understand my grandfather only appeared in court once or twice. I also believe that Robert L. Fuller, Doris A. Fuller and Attorney Daniel K. Lak had no reason to cooperate in the proceeding, any proceeding or mediation prior to 14 January 2010 as the S Trust appears to have been amended on 16 September 2008.

http://www.lasuperiorcourt.org/civilCaseSummary/index.asp?CaseType=Civil BP099211

Keep in mind, that no one now living outside of Robert, Doris and Lak have seen the original document but, only an electronic copy, which I believe could have and or may have been manipulated by electronic means as the only page that would need to be left intact is the signature page, this would hold true for any document prepared by Attorney Daniel K. Lak and signed by my grandfather.

According to the alleged Trust presented to the court - it states that my grandfather was not married and that my grandparents were divorced in 1968. Page 8, as contained in the Trust, 1.4 Marital Status and 1.5 Previous Marriage, that our parents were no longer married which not a soul in the family was aware of and is my belief to be untrue, unfounded or grounded in reality. In my honest opinion it is nothing more than an attempt to circumvent Probate Law.

My grandfather's death certificate indicates that he was "married," his obituary indicates that my grandparents were "separated" in 1968. I believe the date of separation may be untrue as well. It should be noted that the death certificate and obituary were both prepared by Robert L. Fuller. So, that indicates that someone made a mistake, a misstep. I believe that both statements in the Trust on page 8 are an attempt by Attorney Daniel Lak, Robert and Doris Fuller to exclude and defraud my grandmother from receiving the rightful possession of her husband's assets, to deny her a marital life estate and the resources necessary for her care during the final years of her life. If the statement is true as contained in the Trust, that my grandparents were no longer married then those in control of the Trust should be forced to present reputable evidence as to the veracity of those statements. I have no doubt that Mr. Steven A. Fuller can produce a legitimate copy of my grandparent’s marriage certificate. Also, had my grandmother been in possession of the same amount or near assets as my grandfather, Robert and Doris Fuller, her adult children, would have not treated her in this manner.

I believe that we the other heirs, have not seen nor been privy to the Thelsey L. Fuller Trust or any other Trust that may have been set up to include the other properties and bank accounts not included or listed in the Thelsey S. Fuller Trust [sic] i.e. Belhaven Ave, 8707 Falmouth Ave Unit: 308 et al.

It must be noted that Attorney Lak has a history of not filing all documents in relationship to some of his legal transactions nor filing them in a timely manner.

See, Town & Country Bank, Plaintiff, vs. Brian Goodard and Daniel K. Lak, Defendants as contained in the Complaint Case No. A584786 Dept No. VII filed in District Court, Clark County, Nevada Town & Country Bank v. Goddard et al Case Number: 2:2009cv00686


At the time that my grandfather's alleged Trusts were set up - he was a very fragile, sickly ninety-one year old man who required 24 hour care by others as he was no longer able to care for himself or to make it to the bathroom on his own. I have no idea as to the level of his vision or which medications he was taking or the side effects thereof when the Trust instruments were created and presented to him for his signature, I believe that this is another issue that must be addressed by competent authorities.

Now, the State of California has a code of laws in which define what is considered elder abuse when considering the actions of those responsible for the care and treatment of the elderly.


Your search for "elder abuse" found 3,577 hits in 50 documents.

A Citizen's Guide to Preventing and Reporting Elder Abuse

I also understand that on 21 October 2009, several U.S. Senators introduced a proposed federal "Elder Abuse Victims Act (S. 1821)" as a "companion" Senate bill to one adopted earlier last year in the House, known as the "Elder Abuse Victims Act (H.R. 448)." "To protect seniors in the United States from elder abuse by establishing specialized elder abuse prosecution and research programs and activities to aid victims of elder abuse, to provide training to prosecutors and other law enforcement related to elder abuse prevention and protection, to establish programs that provide for emergency crisis response teams to combat elder abuse, and for other purposes." This legislation has become enfolded into the Health Care Reform Act currently pending on Capital Hill.

I believe that each and every action taken by Daniel K. Lak, Robert L. Fuller and Doris A. Fuller in regards to Mr. Thelsey L. Fuller was to coerce, take advantage, manipulate and rob my grandfather of his livelihood, to isolate and keep all other family members from having a relationship and contact with him during his last year of life.

I made several attempts to have contact with my grandfather during the last year of his life once he was in the full time care of Doris A. Fuller. I was finally allowed to talk to my grandfather over the telephone a month before his passing. And I knew from past experience that Doris and or Robert would listen in on his telephone calls by placing the caller on speakerphone. Being that I believed that more likely than not that it would be the last time I would be able to speak to my grandfather I advised him not to trust anyone. He said that he knew that he was tired which he stated twice. A week later he was further isolated from his family by being placed against his will in Pacific Palms Convalescent Hospital, Los Angeles, as I believe Robert and Doris had tired of providing for his care and he had signed everything that they needed him to sign. During his stay there, Robert and Doris refused to tell any of the other family members as to his whereabouts. I was so concerned about my grandfather's well being that I contacted the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department, 310-605-6500 and spoke to Deputy Anderson at approximately 9:20 PM EST Saturday, 08 August 2009, Incident No. 170 and asked that they go to Doris's home to check on him. After I did not hear from the Sheriff's Department that weekend I telephoned the Los Angeles County Coroner's office the following Monday to inquire if they had his body. According to his death certificate his doctor last saw him on 06 August 2009. His death certificate also appears to indicate that Dr. Dat Quoc Vo was one of his doctor as of 18 May 2009. I have no idea whom the doctor or doctors were that provided medical care for my grandfather prior to this and I am only aware of this one doctor because of the death certificate.

Please note that eighteen days after I called the Sheriff’s Department, my grandfather was dead.

Now, looking at the Amendment to the Trust, it appears to me that the language contained therein does not reflect the personality or what I believe to be the true wishes of my grandfather, nor does the language reflect the love that I know he had and shown to his family over the course of my interactions and conversations with him over the course of my lifetime and when he had the freedom to make his own decisions. But, instead what I believe is reflected in the document is the mindset and intentions of others and what I believe to be that of unscrupulous people to his detriment with the only and sole aim for financial gain and a desire to enrich themselves. At best the document raises some very serious questions as to its validity. It is also my understanding that more than one Trust was set up and presented to my grandfather for his signature and that may or may not contain his legal name wherein he was always wise enough to sign what I consider to be his legal name. Other members of the family, including myself have not seen nor been privy to the Thelsey L. Fuller Revocable Trust, Thelsey L. Fuller Trustee, which we have reasonable belief exist and is in the hands and control of Daniel K. Lak, Robert L. Fuller and Doris A. Fuller.

In short, I pray that a through investigation be conduct and that all of those that may have broke the laws of the State of California or any and all other Federal Statutes in regards to Probate and or also the treatment of the elderly, elder abuse, as in this case and in regards to Mr. Thelsey L. Fuller and Edwina J. Fuller. That those individuals be brought to justice in a court of jurisprudence.

Also, I contacted Robert L. Fuller on 15 January 2010 and asked him why he did what he did and he advised me that I should never return to California, that I should be careful here in South Carolina and that he was "lawyered up." He took issue that I referred to my grandfather as "Daddy" in our conversation. As a young child I referred to my grandparents as grandmother and grandfather but as I grew older I began to call Edwina, "Momma" and Thelsey, "Daddy" and have referred to them as such my entire adult life. Robert also attempted to be coy and faint as if he didn't know what I was talking about. This is a man from what I understand once went by the street name “Buddha,” was accused of rape in 1962, shot his first wife’s brother and cousin, and was in fact convicted of murdering is first wife, Linda Fuller (Irving) in 1971. Robert L. Fuller is very cunning, convincing, gifted in words and verse, and he is capable of lying to one's face without flinching.

I believe Doris A. Fuller to be a radical pathological liar, a militant that may have ties to the Mexican Mafia. And when offered $42,000.00 by my grandfather she informed him that it wasn't enough.

I must also note for the record that a letter bearing my name and containing a blank piece of notebook paper, addressed care of my father-in-law the maternal grandfather of my three minor children, was sent to his home this past week. And post marked 11 January 2010, from Los Angeles, California, with no return address. My wife works for the U.S. Postal Service and was five months pregnant with our third child during the events of 9/11 and when anthrax was placed in the U.S. Mail. Every time she went out the door to work during that time I was in a panic, afraid for her safety and that of our unborn child. I consider this [letter] to be an act of terrorism, and a veiled threat against my person and my family [police report was filed], as the parties mentioned herein are aware that I am attempting to bring to the attention of the authorities the actions and events that these individuals brought to bear in regards to my grandparents. I believe Doris A. Fuller sent the letter, as it appears to have her handwriting on the envelope. And I believe Robert and Doris were made aware of my actions being that Attorney Lak had to respond to my inquiry to the California State Bar.

In closing, according to the alleged Trust, Robert and Doris were given fifty percent each of the assets that my grandfather left behind. His other children, Carol $40.00, Sandra (my mother) $40.00 and Steve $10.00. And what I still don't understand is how my grandfather came into possession of Doris's house at S. Bradfield Ave, Compton which she has owned since 1974 and how much it cost him to gift it back to her after she took out a reverse FHA mortgage on 01 May 2008 in the amount of $540,000.00 five-hundred forty thousand dollars. Said house has never been worth $540,000.00 even on a good day. Five months later on 21 October 2008 said property was gifted back to her by my grandfather after it was placed in the Thelsey S. Fuller Trust, when the Trust calls for Robert and Doris to be equal partners in the Trust and there being nothing set aside solely for Robert L. Fuller that I can ascertain. The condo in Westchester, 8707 Unit 308 is not mentioned nor is the Fuller Homestead at N. Belhaven? I also believe that if and when any other descendants of Mr. Thelsey L. Fuller and Mrs. Edwina J. Fuller are contacted in regards to my grandfather, I am sure that they would be willing to cooperate and discuss their understanding as to what was done and what happened to my grandfather during his last year of life now that all of this has begun to come to light.

As this matter stands now there are too many questions and not enough answers.


Judith Lisa Eisenstein (Trustee), Thelsey S Fuller [sic] (Trustee) (Revocable Trust), Thelsey S Fuller [sic], James Matthew and Judith Lisa Eisenstein Keenan (Revocable Trust) (Trustee) and James Matthew Keenan Judy Lisa Eisenstein and Thelsey S Fuller [sic] (Documentation not filed, missing from public records)
8707 Falmouth Avenue, Unit: 308
Los Angeles-Westchester/LAX 90293

Thelsey L Fuller Revocable Trust and Thelsey L Fuller Trustee Thelsey L Fuller (BELHAVENAVELOSANGELES,CA90059.PDF see page 2)
N. Belhaven Avenue
Compton 90059

Thelsey S Fuller Revocable Trust and Thelsey S Fuller Trustee Thelsey S Fuller [sic] (Documentation not filed, missing from public records)
S. Bradfield Avenue
Compton 90221

Thelsey S Fuller (Revocable Trust) and Thelsey S Fuloler (Trustee) Thelsey S Fuller [sic]
12th Ave Inglewood 90305

"Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity! It is like the precious ointment upon the head, that ran down upon the beard, even Aaron's beard: that went down to the skirts of his garments; As the dew of Hermon, and as the dew that descended upon the mountains of Zion: for there the LORD commanded the blessing, even life for evermore." - Psalms 133

Oh Lord, my God, is there no hope for a widow's son?

Thank you,

Honorable Sen. Lindsey O. Graham
State Bar of California, Office of Chief Trial Counsel, Audit & Review, Case No. 09-20908
FBI Headquarter Washington DC

Document CD

Robert Lewis Fuller
FBI Tracking Number, Case File: CI 01261737

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