29 April 2013

Abuse of the Elderly is Pandemic

Elder abuse
By Philip Chua
1:00 pm | Monday, April 29th, 2013

Elder abuse or abuse of the elderly is a pandemic. It is much more common that we think. This savagery is shameful, disgusting, and against every rule on love, respect, and human decency. It is most unfortunate that while the human race has come a long way from our cavemen years, the caveman mentality and brutality among a few of us still remain. Perhaps I should not even demean our cavemen relatives. Perhaps elder abuse did not even exist in their culture during that time.

Parents would do anything, work hard, sacrifice, and even give up their life, to care for, provide for, protect, and save their children from any danger or calamity. While there are unfortunate exceptions, they are not the rule. Irresponsible and negligent parents are a lot less in proportion compared to children who abuse their parents, especially in their ripe old age, helpless, and dependent on their children, a stage of vulnerability in the winter of their life. Not only don’t they get the care and support they need, they are even abused and neglected. Some even tortured.

Sixty-six percent of the abuses are perpetrated by adult children or spouse; 42 percent of murder victims over 60 were killed by their own children, and 24 percent killed by their spouse.

As far as abuse in the nursing home, 91 percent of nursing homes in the USA are understaffed and therefore not able to provide adequate care. Thirty-six percent are in violation of elder abuse laws.

“Elder abuse, according to World Health organization, is a violation of human rights and a significant cause of illness, injury, loss of productivity, isolation and despair.”

Read more: http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/399241/elder-abuse


24 April 2013

14 Signs of Financial Elder Abuse

14 Signs of Financial Elder Abuse

June 3rd, 2010. By 

There are few things we at LawyersandSettlements.com cover that are as heartbreaking as financial elder abuse. The stories about senior citizens who have worked their entire lives to care for family members while ensuring that they, themselves, would be financially stable in their later years—only to have loved ones steal from them—arouse a combination of fury and sadness. The sad truth is that very few incidents of elder abuse are ever reported by the senior, leaving it up to other family members or close friends to figure out what’s going on.Pleading Ignorance copy 14 Signs of Financial Elder Abuse
The sad truth also is that in difficult economic times when many are facing financial hardship, sometimes the “easiest” route to some cash flow can involve the proverbial apple going back to the tree—uninvited. That’s why now, more than ever, it’s important to be aware of the signs of elder abuse and protect those who may be victimized.
This week, Pleading Ignorance examines financial elder abuse, signs it’s occurring and what you can do.
 Financial elder abuse occurs when someone (a loved one, a close friend or even a stranger) preys on a senior citizen and cheats the senior out of money or property. It is a heinous crime and one that goes vastly under reported. The senior may be embarrassed at having been swindled,
Brooke Astor NY Post Cover 14 Signs of Financial Elder Abusemay be afraid of retaliation if the abuser is a family member or caregiver, may be conflicted about reporting a family member to the authorities or may be unable to comprehend that he was, indeed, the victim of a crime. 
Seniors have lost their life savings, their homes, their valued jewelry or other property to abusers. At the same time, the abuser may take advantage of the senior’s condition by providing less care than is necessary or putting the senior in a care home that doesn't meet the senior’s needs. 
I’m fairly certain there’s a special place in hell for those who would do this to their elder family members. But before they get their due from a higher power, there are some signs to be aware of right here, right now, in order to help someone who may be the victim of elder abuse.
In many cases it’s up to family and friends to discover the wrongdoing and file a complaint. In the situation of Brooke Astor, a New York socialite and philanthropist, the victim’s grandson filed a complaint against his father—Astor’s son—alleging that Astor wasn’t being properly cared for even though she could afford a high quality of care. In the end, charges were laid against Astor’s son, he was found guilty and sentenced to time in jail. 
The financial abuse may not have ever been discovered if Astor’s grandson hadn't filed a complaint. 

21 April 2013

Abuser Arrested, stole $6,222 from 89-year-old

ROCK HILL — A York woman has been charged with exploiting a vulnerable adult in Rock Hill after police say she defrauded an elderly man in her care over the course of several months.

Marianne Joan Silvers, 48, of 118 Providence Place, is charged with abuse of a vulnerable adult, according to a Rock Hill Police report. She was arrested Tuesday, but released from jail on a $10,000 personal recognizance bond.

Last month, York County’s office of the Department of Social Services gave Rock Hill Police documents showing that a Bank of America investigator found that 33 checks were cashed in the name of an 89-year-old resident of Park Pointe Village retirement community in Rock Hill, according to a Rock Hill Police report.

Read more here: http://www.heraldonline.com/2013/04/17/4782384/rock-hill-caretaker-accused-of.html#storylink=cpy

This is how abuser are handled in York County, South Carolina...

Not so, in Los Angeles County, California...

"Who didn't I tell"

"Follow the MONEY!"

17 April 2013

Sheriff Seeks Woman Accused of Elder Abuse

Walnut Sheriff's Station Seeks Woman Accused of Elder Abuse

The alleged crimes happened in Rowland Heights, when officials say the woman took hundreds of thousands of dollars from her elderly father-in-law after his wife died.
By Renee Schiavone

Sheriff's deputies are asking for the public's help in tracking down a Rowland Heights woman who is accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from her father-in-law, selling his home and draining his retirement accounts, officials said Monday.

The 55-year-old woman, identified as Hang Nguyen Vu, is said to be driving a 2012 dark grey Toyota Prius with a California license plate of 6UCU282.

According to sheriff's Sergeant Rich Peña, Vu misappropriated $350,000 from the elderly man.

"Shortly after the elderly victim's wife passed, the suspect began to care for the father-in-law, selling his home and emptying his retirement accounts," Peña said.

Read more: DiamondBar-WalnutPatch

12 April 2013

The Impact of Elder Abuse Hits Hard

I don’t know about you, but when I hear people talking about “impact”, I usually think they’re referring to things bashing into each other like cars, bodies, or heads.  With all of the talk recently about sports and concussions, my mind immediately goes to physical impact.  In our field of elder abuse prevention, there has been a lot of talk about impact lately. It turns out that the impact of elder abuse, even in the absence of any physical bashing, is just as deadly as any crash or concussion.

Just yesterday, results of a Rush University Medical Center study (entitled ‘Elder Abuse as a Risk Factor for Hospitalization in Older Persons’ by XinQi Dong, MD, MPH and Melissa A. Simon, MD, MPH) found that elderly people who suffered psychological abuse, financial exploitation, caregiver neglect, or two or more types of abuse were hospitalized more frequently than those who had not been abused. The annual rate of hospitalization was more than double for those who reported elder abuse than for those who did not.

Earlier work (entitled ‘The Mortality of Elder Mistreatment’) by Lachs and colleagues at Weill-Cornell Medical College in New York had determined that abused elders die at three times the rate of non-abused elders. This held true for elders regardless of the type of abuse or its intensity. The authors noted: “…It seems plausible that experiencing elder abuse is an extreme form of negative social support. In the same manner that social integration reduces mortality, it may conversely be the case that the extreme interpersonal stress resulting from elder abuse situations may confer additional death risk.”

10 April 2013

Former Judge, Attorney Robert Browning Pleads "No Contest" To Elder Abuse Charges

Forest Grove attorney Robert Andrew Browning pleaded no contest in Washington County Circuit Court on Tuesday to 13 counts of first-degree criminal mistreatment.
Before Presiding Judge Kirsten Thompson, Assistant Attorney General Matt McCauley outlined the case against Browning, who has previously been a municipal court judge in North Plains and Gaston.

A grand jury indicted Browning in September after a two-year investigation into the financial exploitation of Browning's mother and former mother-in-law. Browning was charged with 14 counts of first-degree criminal mistreatment; McCauley dismissed one of those counts Tuesday.

Between 2007 and 2009, McCauley said, Browning held power of attorney for both his mother, Josephine "Alice" Browning, and his former mother-in-law, Laura Sullivan. Both women, now deceased, were in residential care facilities at the time and had dementia, McCauley said.

Browning moved money from both women's bank accounts into his own accounts on numerous occasions, McCauley said. The money transfers and withdrawals ranged from $1,000 to $45,000, McCauley said, and Browning spent none of that money on the victims' care. 

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07 April 2013

"I haven't seen that in 40 years." Doris Fuller Stewart

16219 S. Bradfield Ave, Compton, CA - Trust Asset ?

4 Q Ms. Fuller, do you have any original deeds
5 to -- or the original deed or deeds to the property at
6 16219 South Bradfield Avenue in Compton?
7 MR. LAK: We're objecting to that document
8 request on the grounds of relevance.
9 MS. BURRELL: Well, it's -- your objection is
10 noted. But it's listed as an asset on Mr. Fuller's
11 trust, as we'll get to. So I believe --
12 MR. LAK: You can answer the question, Doris.
13 MS. BURRELL: -- it's relevant.
14 THE WITNESS: That is not true. That was a
15 mistake.
17 Q Well, we'll get there.
18 MR. LAK: Doris, just answer the question that
19 she's asking.
21 Q We'll get there.
22 A Okay.
23 Q I'm just asking for now whether you have a copy
24 of the original deed for that property?
25 A Somewhere.
Page 20

1 Q Okay. Will you look for that and supply me
2 with -- a copy will be fine -- by March 18th, when you
3 supply the rest of the documents?
4 A I'll look.
5 Q Okay.
6 MR. LAK: And just to -- so the witness
7 understands, Doris, she's looking for the original; so
8 it would have to have an original signature.
9THE WITNESS: I haven't seen that in 40
10 years.
11 MR. LAK: Okay.
12 MS. BURRELL: I will accept an original -- as
13 you can see on Item 8, it says an original or a copy if
14 no original is available. A copy would be just fine.
15 MR. LAK: Well, the witness has just stated she
16 hasn't seen the deed for 40 years. So --

I'm thinking if one takes out a reverse mortgage on their property wouldn't they need the deed?



"This Ain't No Game Show!"

05 April 2013


Doris A. Fuller is not a Fuller at all.


1                         DECLARATION OF DORIS FULLER 

2 I, Doris Fuller, hereby declare:

3     1.     I am an adult child of Edwina Fuller ("Edwina"), the conservatee.


On April 16, 1946 two women gave birth to baby girls. One woman being black and the other woman being white. The black woman gave birth to a white baby and the white woman gave birth to a black baby.  The babies were switched which is why Edwina left Doris at the hospital. Thelsey had to go back to the hospital with his brother to pick up infant Doris. Edwina didn't lay up with a "darky" with kinky hair and big lips let alone get impregnated by one, EVER!   An earlier rape and having her baby stolen, I believe may have been the tipping point and the beginning of Edwina's personal and mental issues.

Oh, and while it's on my mind, according to Edwina - as stated above regarding the rape - Robert Fuller's daddy is white.  She stated that she was dragged into a field and raped by a white man and became pregnant as a result of that rape.  In those days the rapes of black women by white men were not investigated by police.

 I make this

4 declaration on my own personal knowledge and belief and, if called to do so, I could competently

5 testify hereto.

6     2.     I make this declaration in support of my objections to the Second and Final Account

7 and Report of Conservator, petition for Termination, Petition for Attorney and Conservator Fees, and

8 Request for Reimbursement by Steve Fuller ("Steve"), the conservator.

9     3.     During the account period, Edwina was elderly and suffering from dementia. Her

10  monthly food bill is estimated at no more than $250. I often cooked for Edwina so I am familiar with

Circa 2003, would have been the last time Doris was in Steven's home helping with Edwina and when Steven returned home from work it is known that Edwina had been left soiled all day.

11 the amount of groceries she required. Schedule C of the Accounting, however, shows grocery

12 purchases as high as $665 per month. This amount appears excessive for Edwina alone. Steve

13 resided with Edwina during the entire account period. In addition, Steve's niece and his niece's son

14 and son's friend resided in Edwina's residence on a sporadic basis during the account period. Based

15 on the grocery expenditures reflected on Schedule C, it appears that Edwina's funds were used to buy

16 groceries, not just for Edwina, but also for Steve, his niece and her son and son's friend.

Edwina lived with Steven in his residence not the other way around and he worked himself to the bone to make sure that Edwina had the very best of everything that life had to offer including around the clock care.   

"his niece and her son" not "our niece and nephew"?

I strongly suggest that the Court and all interest parties review all reports given by the PVP Attorney, Sibylle Grebe concerning the care of Edwina J. Fuller as provided by Steven Fuller.

Doris Fuller you are a liar, a thief and the truth is not in you. 

Tell the Court how you and Robert have failed to give up the Inglewood property, disclose all the information on your home being gifted back to you by Daddy after you took out a reverse mortgage and the condo located at 8707 Falmouth Ave. #308

Yeah, and why is it that Daniel Kristof Lak quit on you? 

17     I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California that the foregoing is

18 true and correct.

19      Executed this 28 day of March 2013, at Encino, California.

20                                                                   D~~~~ F~~~~~
                                                                        Doris Fuller






                                                DECLARATION OF DORIS FULLER

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04 April 2013

Abusers, early on

They have yet to give an account as to what they did with the MONEY! that they stole...

Judging by the photo, one could tell they were on their way to greatness one day.

02 April 2013

Thelsey & Edwina's Great-Grand Sons Make it to Golden Gloves Championship

Lancaster, CA
Watts twins 

"FIGHTING CHANCE - Three Antelope Valley boxers advanced to the Golden Gloves State Finals, which will take place Saturday in Lincoln Park.  The three competed in the four-day Golden Gloves Southern California tournament in mid-March.  Pictured, from left to right are Hervi Estrada, chief trainer for AV Boxing Club; Tevin Watts, who finished second at 150 pounds at the SoCal tournament; Jason Morales, who was second at 120 pounds; Kevin Watts, who won the championship at 140 pounds; and Johnny Rosas, Chief trainer for Team Full Force."

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