31 March 2014

NO SALE! - 1916 (LASC CASE BP122665)

Department LA 11 Court Convened at: 08:30 AM 04/03/2014
Honorable Lesley C. Green 
Connie Hudson, Deputy County Clerk, Deputy Sheriff 
Paula Renteria CSR 9374 , Reporter

BP122665  1022  FULLER, THELSEY L. - TRUST     
Trust Proceedings  

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OTHER CASES: Settlor Thelsey Fuller's predecd spouse, Edwina
Fuller, died on 8/29/2011. Steven Fuller is the admr of Edwina's
estate at BP135381. Edwina Fuller's cshp proceeding at BP099211

Mr. Thelsey L. Fuller; born 06/02/1917, died 08/26/2009
Mrs. Edwina J. Fuller, born 08/20/1917, died 06/02/2012

FACTS: Petnr seeks an order confirming the action taken by petnr
pursuant to Probate Code section 16503 to sell the trust's fifty
percent (50%) interest in R/P located at 1916 North Belhaven, Los
Angeles, CA. The Court has previously issued an order confirming
sale of the other 50% of the R/P held by decd settlor's predecd
spouse, Edwina, to TDC Pacific Properties, Inc.* in BP135381. 
Petnr desires to complete the sale of the trust's one-half interest in
the R/P on the same terms, to the same buyer.

Petnr alleges the sale is necessary to pay debts, taxes and expenses of 
administration and that the sale is for the highest and best sale price
and terms available.

Petnr alleges that on 9/13/13, the succr tee mailed a notice of proposed
action in compliance with Probate Code sections 16500 to 16504 to the
heirs and named benes of the trust. Petnr alleges he has received 
objections to the sale from trust beneficiaries...

If the sale of 1916 N. Belhaven Ave., Los Angeles, CA. 90059 is confirmed by the Court at $153,000.00, the Trust will have lost $100,000.00.  Homes in the area are being sold for $250,000.00 - $300,000.00 on average. This sale being necessary the maximum selling price has yet to be established as the way the sale was previously conducted by Steven Fuller administrator of Edwina's estate and Trustee's attorney, Attorney Jeanne M. Fitzgerald.

2022 N Belhaven Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90059
$329,000 on Mar 04, 2014

13024 Clovis Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90059
$328,000 on Mar 03, 2014

12803 Mckinley Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90059
$310,000 on Jan 30, 2014

13018 Stanford Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90059
$300,000 on Nov 27, 2013

2001 N Dern Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90059
$297,500 on Dec 30, 2013

13118 Mckinley Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90059
$275,000 on Dec 20, 2013

13236 Mckinley Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90059
$275,000 on Oct 29, 2013

2105 N Central Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90059
$270,000 on Jan 02, 2014

13326 Stanford Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90059
$265,000 on Nov 20, 2013

12218 Slater Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90059
$265,000 on Mar 03, 2014

2804 W 134Th St, Los Angeles, CA 90059
$255,000 on Oct 08, 2013

1908 N Salinas Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90059
$250,000 on Dec 27, 2013

2030 N Keene Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90059
$230,000 on Nov 01, 2013

12914 Keene Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90059
$230,000 on Mar 14, 2014


1. JTD confirmation of sale of the trust's interest in R/P located at 1916
North Bellhaven Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, to TDC Pacific Properties,
Inc., for the sum of $76,625
2. JTD approval of commission of 5% of the amount, totaling $3,831.25,
as follows: Gilleran Griffin Realtors, 2%, $1,915.62; Joe Garrett, 2.5%
in the amount of $1,915.62
3. JTD payment of $76,625 all cash with deposit of $7,800 by buyer
4. JTD property sold "As Is" condition and is subject to any and all
persons who may be occupying the premises
5. JTD notice of this sale is not subject to publication



A Commitment To Daddy, Before & After

*TDC specializes in purchasing single and multi-family properties at the LA County Trustee Sales where bank foreclosures are sold at a very fast paced and highly competitive auction for below market prices. THE TRUST ASSET IS NOT A FORECLOSURE!

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." - Edmund Burke

"Si vis Pacem, Para Bellum - If you want Peace, prepare for War."

"Fall Down Seven Times, Stand Up Eight."

"Don't stop until your good is better and your better is best... your best is the best there is!"

133 Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!

2 It is like the precious ointment upon the head, that ran down upon the beard, even Aaron's beard: that went down to the skirts of his garments;

3 As the dew of Hermon, and as the dew that descended upon the mountains of Zion: for there the Lord commanded the blessing, even life for evermore.

Psalm 133 King James Version (KJV)
"Oh, Lord my god, is there no hope for the widow's son?"

25 March 2014

Investigation continues, 90-year-old Robert Stella of La Jolla, alleged victim

Robert Stella. Courtesy photos

Stella’s granddaughter, Emily Criscuolo, said that when the family had Stella removed from his home in February and transferred to a local senior care facility, he was disoriented, malnourished and dehydrated with severe bedsores. They allege the woman routinely tied him to his bed and locked him in his room without food or water.

SDPD Media Relations Lt. Kevin Mayer said police are investigating charges of financial abuse and neglect (a form of elder abuse). 

The disturbing conditions inside the home of Robert Stella (pictured) at the time he was taken to a residential care facility last month.

Too much for us, read the entire article:

Elder Abuse Victim's daughter charged with murder

Linda Raye, 58, faces murder and elder abuse charges in the 2012 death of her mother. Raye was the paid in-home caregiver for her mother.

A 58-year-old woman has been charged with murder and elder abuse
in the 2012 death of her 85-year-old mother.

Riverside Police arrested Linda Raye Thursday after an extensive
investigation into her mother’s death. Raye was the paid in-home 
caregiver for her mother, who died as a result of severely infected 
open wounds.

Let's review: Stage III - Stage IV Pressure Ulcer  [Mr. Thelsey L. Fuller had four]

Robert L. Fuller & Doris A. Fuller aka Doris Fuller Stewart have not been charged, nor have they been held accountable.

No attorney or Trust Administrator has filed an Order to Show Cause in order to hold the abusers accountable for violating the Court's Orders - repay in excess of $235,000.00 turn over Trust assets i.e. 8625 S. 12th Ave.

Fair market rent for said real estate is $1,800.00 dollars per month, the Court's decision was rendered in January 2012. The actions of the abusers have caused the Trust to lose in excess of  $46,800.00 because they decided that Ijnanya could live in the home rent free instead of obeying the orders of the Honorable Judge Marvin M. Lager.

*One of the Trust assets is currently pending approval of sale by the Court for below fair market value in order to satisfy attorney demands for payment of fees. 1916 N. Belhaven Ave.

Case Number:  BP122665
Future Hearings

04/03/2014 at 08:30 am in department 11 at 111 North Hill Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012



New Twist, Abuser Helluva Bold

New twists are coming to light in the investigation of suspected animal neglect and elder abuse at a million-dollar La Jolla home.

Just days after NBC 7 Investigates first reported about the discovery of a 90-year-old man dangerously malnourished and dehydrated in his own home, two other families have come forward claiming that man’s companion took advantage of two other men -- an 81-year-old and 80-year-old.

Family members of homeowner Robert Stella say the woman they blame for his condition, Victoria Turner, is back in the Avenida De Las Pescas house she shared with Stella.

Turner filed for temporary restraining orders against Stella's children William and Michelle Redfield as well as roommate Josh Curry, which resulted in his eviction.

Curry told NBC 7 Investigates that Turner teased Stella with food and tied the 90-year-old to his bed.

In her application for the restraining orders, Turner indicates she was physically threatened by Curry as well as Stella’s children.

     How the hell did the abuser get back into the victim's home?

22 March 2014

Tevin handles his business; No opponent for Kevin

Welterweight Tevin Watts won a hard-fought four round unanimous decision over Vicente Guzman. Watts (2-0, 1 KO) landed the cleaner punches, but Guzman (0-4-1) was able to land occasional right hands. Watts almost dropped Guzman with a right hand near the end of the third round. Watts controlled the final round by keeping Guzman on the outside. All three judges scored the fight 40-36 in favor of Watts.


Welterweight Tevin Watts (2-0, 1 KO) won a four round unanimous decision over Vicente Guzman. All three judges scored the bout 40-36 in favor of Watts.


No opponent for Kevin Watts due to a last minute withdrawal from what we understand and his promoter is having trouble getting him fights. Two different fighters withdrew from the bout, Kevin is currently 4 - 0 with 2 KOs.

21 March 2014

Dad's deed 16219, slander of real estate, financial elder abuse

We obtained the DEED in order to try and understand how or why Thelsey L. Fuller would gift Doris A. Fuller aka Doris Fuller Stewart her own home.

What we have come to conclude is that now there are more questions and fewer answers instead in regards to the real estate in question.

The DEED below was prepared by Atty. Daniel Kristof Lak and dated 07/23/2008 the same date as the TRUST document is dated.

Why would Thelsey L. Fuller believe that the real estate described in the document was his property and place it in his TRUST?

What occurred to give Thelsey L. Fuller the impression that the real estate belonged to him, considering that Doris A. Fuller aka Doris Fuller Stewart had taken out a reverse mortgage on the exact same property a couple of months prior for the amount of $541,500.00?

Could Thelsey L. Fuller have included the property in his TRUST as an effort to protect his interest in the real estate after passing a substantial amount of money to Doris A. Fuller aka Doris Fuller Stewart in order to buy back the reverse mortgage on the home?

Is it an indication of the mental failings of a sickly 91-year-old man that was extremely ill and required 24 hour care?

Or, is it another indication of Atty. Lak's unprofessionalism and propensity to slander real estate titles for financial gain as in the past?

It must also be noted that the DEED was not filed with the Recorder's Office, Los Angeles County, California until two months later on 09/12/2008 and that Atty. Lak has a history of not filing legal documents in a timely manner.

The same notary is utilized on multiple documents other than those mentioned above one of which is another real estate property that we have attempted to bring to the attention of the authorities: 8707 Falmouth Ave #308.

A month later 16219 was gifted to Doris A. Fuller aka Doris Fuller Stewart???

     "I'm dingy and slow like my mother."    

By the way, this real estate property has never been worth $541,500.00.

What's up with that?

Day in, day out - most abusers get away

RIVERSIDE  A 58-year-old San Bernardino woman was charged Thursday with murder and elder abuse in the death of her 85-year-old mother, for whom she was the paid in-home caregiver.
On Nov. 28, 2012 Linda Maureen Raye’s mother was taken by ambulance to Riverside Community Hospital after being found unresponsive, according to a news release from the Riverside Police Department.
The victim was treated for septic shock, believed to be the result of severely infected open wounds, the release stated. She later died.
Read more: Daughter Charged With Elder Abuse, Murder in 85-Year-Old Mother’s Death

See also: Let's Review Mr. Thelsey L. Fuller's Pressure Ulcers

CARMICHAEL (CBS13) — The Sacramento County District Attorney has dropped charges against a local stripper accused of elderly abuse.
Sabrina Kohler and Joseph Michael Dormishev were arrested in Sacramento on Monday. Both were charged with abusing an elderly man in Dormishev’s care.
Investigators said the 84-year-old man was denied food, water, and forced to live in his own filth in a Carmichael home.
Detectives say the man managed to activate a medical alert button after sitting an entire day in his own feces. The responding fire department called police, who arrested Kohler and Dormishev.
Read more: District Attorney Drops Charges Against Stripper Accused Of Elder Abuse

LINCOLN COUNTY  Brian Robinson's 70-year-old mother used to have a little red Ford Mustang, a townhouse and a retirement account.
Now, Deputy Lancaster County Attorney Ryan Mick said, the car is sold. The townhouse, too. And she worries about how she'll afford retirement.
Mick said Robinson and his now ex-wife, Carla Robinson of Benkelman, used his mother "basically as a piggy bank" after she gave them her power of attorney. In two years, they spent more than $150,000 of her money, buying a motorcycle, tanning and cosmetic surgery, even settling their divorce.
See also: Follow the $$$

15 March 2014

Atty. Daniel Kristof Lak; No. 216983


Case Name:Lak, Daniel KristofCase Number:13-O-11189
Member #:216983Venue:LA
Status:OpenCase Filed:12/06/2013
Counsel:Pro PerDeputy Trial Counsel:
Assigned Judge:
Next Scheduled Event:

03/13/2014Motion: Sanctions Non-Discovery by Deputy Trial CounselMOTION FOR IMPOSITION OF EVIDENTIARY SANCTIONS

It must be noted that we believe that Atty. Daniel Kristoff Lak was central in the financial elder abuse, [elder abuse], fraud and undue influence visited upon Mr. Thelsey L. Fuller.

Mr. Fuller at the time was a 92-year-old man in need of round the clock care, was isolated from his family, suffered from diminished mental capacity and on deaths' bed was in complete and total control of his alleged abusers to his determent.

As a direct result of which Mr. Fuller's lifetime of hard work has been destroyed as well as the legacy he set aside for his family.

A widow's son

13 March 2014

Financial Elder Abuse visited on Judge Mathis Show

We hate a thief but, I liar is worse.

A liar and a thief... WHOA!


Questions remain: 

How did Mr. Thelsey S. Fuller (sic) name get on Doris Stewart's home? 

Why did he gift her, her own home?

16219 S. Bradfield Ave
Recording Date :  09/12/2008   
Nominal : Y   
Buyer Name : Thelsey S Trust   
Seller Name : Fuller Thelsey S   
Document No : 1646067   
Document Type : Grant Deed   
Multi/Split Sale Type :  Multiple   

Recording Date : 12/02/2008 
Nominal : Y
Buyer Name : Fuller Doris A 
Seller Name : Fuller Thelsey Trust 
Document No : 2110362 
Document Type : Grant Deed 
Multi/Split Sale Type : 

8707 Falmouth Ave #308? 
What's up with that?

12 March 2014

Man and woman, charged with elder abuse

Man, 76, and woman, 57, charged with elder abuse

By Brian Pearson

Two Colusa County residents are behind bars on suspicion of elder abuse for failing to maintain healthy living conditions at the residence of an 85-year-old dependent — with dementia — under their care.
Kathy Ann Graves, 57, and Stanley Eugene Graves, 76, both of Williams, were arrested after a search warrant was served at a residence on the 2600 block of Husted Road on the outskirts of Williams. Both were booked at the Colusa County Jail. Bail was set at $50,000 dollars for each suspect.
Colusa County Sheriff's officers searched the home after receiving a tip, said Sheriff's Lt. Shane Maxey.
The officers found more than they bargained for.
"The responding officers said it was one of the filthiest houses they had ever seen..."

10 March 2014

Lak, Daniel Kristoff - State Bar Court of California

Lak, Daniel Kristof13 O 111893:30 PMWednesday, March 12, 2014Settlement ConferenceAppearanceLAHon. Donald F. Miles
(Hearing Dept.)
Lak, Daniel Kristof13 O 111891:30 PMTuesday, April 01, 2014Pretrial ConferenceAppearanceLAHon. Richard A. Platel
(Hearing Dept.)
Lak, Daniel Kristof13 O 111899:30 AMMonday, April 07, 2014Hearing/Formal (Disciplinary/Regulatory)AppearanceLAHon. Richard A. Platel
(Hearing Dept.)
Lak, Daniel Kristof13 O 111899:30 AMTuesday, April 08, 2014Hearing/Formal (Disciplinary/Regulatory)AppearanceLAHon. Richard A. Platel
(Hearing Dept.)
Lak, Daniel Kristof13 O 111899:30 AMWednesday, April 09, 2014Hearing/Formal (Disciplinary/Regulatory)AppearanceLAHon. Richard A. Platel
(Hearing Dept.)
Lak, Daniel Kristof13 O 111899:30 AMThursday, April 10, 2014Hearing/Formal (Disciplinary/Regulatory)AppearanceLAHon. Richard A. Platel
(Hearing Dept.)

Enter: Lak

Elder Abuse Case, Specialized Unit Is Investigating

Officials are investigating allegations of elder abuse and animal neglect going on behind the front gates of a million-dollar home in an exclusive San Diego community.

The victim's family said 90-year-old Robert Stella was kept a virtual prisoner by his caretaker, who befriended him more than 10 years ago. Police said the woman claimed to be Stella's wife.

There is extreme clutter in the front yard of the home along Avenida de las Pescas in La Jolla and neighbors say conditions inside the home are unlivable.

Family members of the homeowner called San Diego police officers and animal control officers last week after Stella was found propped up in his wheelchair on the driveway.

Read the article: http://www.nbcsandiego.com/news/local/Elder-Abuse-La-Jolla-Avenida-Pescas-Animal-Abuse-San-Diego-Stella-249035761.html

Watch the video.

09 March 2014

Upcoming Fight Schedule

March 21, 2014 at Cabazon, Calif. (ESPN2/ESPN Deportes): 
KEVIN WATTS vs. TBA, 4 rounds, junior welterweights
TEVIN WATTS vs. Vicente Guzman, 4 rounds, welterweights


Donald Dinkins if you're there please get some video of the "Watts Powers", thanx.

04 March 2014

‘Deplorable’ abuse of elder... Caretaker, husband charged in elder abuse scam

‘Deplorable’ abuse of elder

‘One of worst cases’

A 75-year-old woman withered away helplessly in a frigid Stoughton basement while under the care of a suspect facing criminal charges in what cops said was “one of the worst cases of elder abuse and neglect we’ve ever seen.”
The victim “had sores that were down to the bone” and was malnourished and dehydrated when police found her in a cramped 8-by-10 corner of the basement of her caregiver’s home, Stoughton police executive officer Robert Devine said.
“It was more like a cell than a room,” he said. “The thermostat on the wall read 51 degrees. It was just, it was deplorable.”
Sandra Lucien-Calixte, 48, was charged Feb. 21 with committing serious injury to an elder or disabled person, Devine said. Police disclosed the arrest yesterday.
Cops began investigating 
Feb. 16, after firefighters responded to a report of low blood pressure. The victim’s body was so still, firefighters thought she was dead.

Caretaker, husband charged in elder abuse scam

A Brockton couple was indicted Monday in connection with scamming an elderly man and his disabled daughter out of thousands of dollars.
Prisca Halaby, 35, and her husband Dominique Halaby, 45, were arrested Friday. They were accused of stealing money from the Sharon victims during a five-year span, according to District Attorney Michael Morrissey.
"Some of the conduct alleged in the indictments dates back to 2009," District Attorney Michael W. Morrissey said.
The victims, a 92-year-old man and his 62-year-old daughter, were scammed out of more than $130,000, prosecutors said.
Authorities allege Prisca Halaby opened a Bank of America account in the disabled woman's name, forging her signature.