30 December 2011

Electronic Transactions Are People

Please mail as many of your payments and letters as humanly possible.

The United States Postal Service is there to serve all of us.

One day America will wake up a realize that "union" is the key word in United States of America.

Verizon and others charge you to make automated payments.

The Post Office makes deliveries in person [six days a week] for $0.42 cents -- 1 oz., about five sheet of regular size paper, 8' x 11', including envelope and stamp.

Before you know it Corporations will be telling us that ...

"Electronic transactions are people."

Verizon backs off plan to charge $2 convenience fee

20 December 2011

Mrs. Edwina Fuller

Mrs. Edwina Fuller, with her conservator & son, Mr. Steven Fuller.

Mrs. Fuller is the victim of fraud, undue influence and financial elder abuse by two of her children, Robert and Doris Fuller. $308,000.00 is known to have been stolen by the pair. They are still at large.


08 December 2011

Eat Your Vegetables

Even though Friday is her “official birthday,” every day is celebration for 105-year-old Agnes Gatlin.

Gatlin, who will be honored with a party at Savannah Terrace at 2 p.m. Friday, said while “things don’t work quite like they should anymore,” she still looks forward to every sunrise – something she attributes to her father’s love of vegetables.

“My daddy was a hard-working man,” Gatlin said. “He was a farmer. He wanted us to go to college and get an education so we wouldn’t have to work in the hot sun all day.

“Out of us six children, five of us got a degree,” she said. “I plowed a field one time, and that was enough for me.

“Daddy always had something growing,” she said. “We’d finish one thing and they’re would be another to eat right behind it.

“Nowadays, they put all that stuff on your food,” she said. “I think it’s because of my diet that I’ve lived so long. I’ll tell you the secret – it’s vegetables.