17 April 2014

About That Snake

by Monica Post

Bullshit period.
My father wanted me to take control of Mama. Move her back into his house and hers.. he wanted Stevie to get nothing. That    he would give me money for her. Look now..he was wanting me or even my sister his second born to stay with him.  We were in no shape to do so. Stevie jumped on me twice and lied on me in order to get his hands on my father's money. A person like that is insane.  An ex-con (Daddy's baby boy) Robert Fuller and a ugly silverback looking female bastard (Doris ??????) out smarted him (Stevie and my own father)
These assholes even tricked Aunt Evelyn and Joan.
If, no greedy bastards  were involved......We all would have had   some money.  They all wanted to hurt me.. and won.
My father told me, even before my daughter            got married..that he was tired of Stevie talking about his kids (my sister, I and Robert) like they were garbage.  Stevie took him to get a will done     also. GREED
Stevie will win...plotting for many years.  Mama tried to warn me...she did not know how no good he really is.
She did  hold both of my hands.  Said I was her best child.
If, Stevie really loved his mother, he never would have put his hands on me or tell an out right lie on me.......because Robert and Doris told him to do so.
Bullshit big-time.
My poor father lived years of shit and my grandmother had to raise me. He was forced to raise two others' rats brats.
No cares...they had a "dad" not me....BUT I'M THE BEST!!! on my ass and fat with good kids.
Fuck it!! I'm posting this

The truth about lying – and money

“It’s our nature,” Zehring said. “Even though we’d all say we’re good people, most of us have at one time or another taken something that wasn’t ours.”


16 April 2014

It's the same snake

Criminal Elder Abuse, Criminal Financial Elder Abuse, Fraud, Undue Influence, Theft...

Los Angeles County Superior Court Cases
BP099211, BP118616, BP122665, BP135381

All three heads can work together in unison...  The old man was placed in a home with his wife for a short period of time where one of the heads was in charge.

Two heads can work together... Trust and Will set up by the abusers and their attorney to make them the sole beneficiaries immediately after the old man was removed from the home mentioned above.

One head can work on its own... One head can remove monies and retirement funds from the bank, one head can claim it was unaware. The third head having designs on selling all of the real estate and carrying it out.

Of the three headed monster none appeared to want to put the old man on the witness stand for over two years in order that he explain what HE WANTED!

But, instead all three heads with the help of their attorneys or the attorneys themselves moved to prolong the trial for financial gain er, waiting for their victims [Thelsey & Edwina] to die.

Put the old man on the stand and he spills his guts telling the Court what he wanted for his wife and his children. But, instead the family is left to rely on the old man's manipulation on paper by the abusers and their attorney.

The attorneys are snakes by their own right.

Then the one head of the same snake instead of having one of the attorneys go after the other two heads that stole the MONEY! go after the two other victims [the old man's daughters] and the old man's estate two years after the Court has ordered that the attorney collect his fees from the abusers.


More to follow, watch this space.

13 April 2014

The Third Head of the Snake

This one will take awhile to explain: 

"Steven Fuller" and his attorneys.

Watch this space...

10 April 2014

Mickey Rooney: No one wanted to believe me

Mickey Rooney: No one wanted to believe me Thursday, 10 Apr 2014 | 11:00 AM ET

In March 2011, then 90-year-old actor Mickey Rooney testified before a Senate panel that he had been physically, emotionally and financially abused by his own family.

The life of Mickey Rooney can be summed up by the title of his 1942 film "Andy Hardy's Double Life."

It has been reported that Rooney, who died on April 6 at the age of 93, had an estate valued at only $18,000. A victim of financial elder abuse, Rooney's life was far from that of the idealized teenager Andy Hardy.

By coming forward, Rooney did a service for millions of elderly in this country by helping to publicize financial elder abuse.

 Read the article: http://www.cnbc.com/id/101568802

Mickey Rooney's stepson settles Elder Abuse Lawsuit for millions


07 April 2014

Today's the big day, Daniel Kristof Lak

Standing tall before the State Bar Court, we hope they fry your ass.

Case Name:Lak, Daniel Kristof
Case Number:13 O 11189



"1 comment:
  1. That gleep Lak’s response to the charges against him is reminiscent of the people on that Mystery Diner television show who are caught on camera stealing from the cash register, stealing food, drinking on the job or stealing tips from fellow employees and then indignantly proclaim their innocence even while they watch themselves on TV committing their dastardly deeds. It is hard to believe people like that actually exist, but Lak is proof that they do.
    The first count against him is that basically he is incompetent. And he actually has the nerve to blame the ex-wife of his client for his incompetence. That should go over well. Hopefully the judge will see through his bluster.
    Included in that first count is the allegation that Lak failed to prepare and file necessary documents. The gleep has a history of that. It has been documented on this blog the errors made in the documents pertaining to Mr. Thelsey Fuller and the failure to file documents in a timely manner. And then there is the matter of the improperly filed paperwork in a matter with Town & Country Bank. And the new lawyer for Robert and Doris Fuller stated that Lak didn’t respond to his requests for information.
    He is also accused of not properly supplying a client with an accounting of fees and costs paid. Lak blames this on the legal referral network ARAG who referred the client to Lak. He says their accounting procedures are confusing. It is hard to tell if ARAG is a scam or on the level. One reviewer calls it a legal document service, not a legal service. Another reviewer, an estate planning attorney, said she would never participate in such a plan because ARAG expected her to prepare wills for free (or for a nominal fee) and then she had to try to make money on bigger matters. Whatever the case, Lak says he is no longer associated with ARAG because of their confusing billing practices.
    But Lak does not seem to be very good with finances in general; he defaulted on his home loan in 2006, he’s had numerous state and federal tax liens filed against him, he’s been suspended three times for failing to pay child support, and for a period of time he was bouncing checks all over town. It’s not inconceivable that he could have fouled up his client’s accounting. And as far as no longer being associated with ARAG, their qualifications for attorneys include being in good standing with relevant regulatory authorities and maintaining a physical office. A phone answering service and mail drop is stretching it bit when it comes to an office, and if ARAG was aware of his standing they would probably drop him like a hot potato.
    He is also accused of claiming to be entitled to practice law while he was actually on suspension. It was documented on this blog that that was the case when a phone call was made to his answering service.
    He is also accused of paying his personal expenses out of his client trust account for the period between 12/5/2012 and 3/12/2013. This one is really incredible because on 1/11/2013 he was suspended for doing the very same thing. It is hard to tell if this gleep is just dumb, or if he believes the rules just don’t apply to him, or if he just enjoys bending and stretching the rules to see how much he can get away with.
    Of course, Lak is defending himself in court today. What’s the saying about a man who defends himself?
    Good luck, gleep."

Mickey Rooney, Dead

Remember when Mickey Rooney was being abused by his step-son? 

He was featured on this blog when he testified before Congress in regards to the elder abuse that he had suffered.

Mickey Rooney, with gumption and grit, put on a show
Mickey Rooney, Hollywood's top box-office draw in the late 1930s to early 1940s, died at his North Hollywood home at age 93. Over the course of his career, he was nominated for four Academy Awards and received two special Oscars for film achievements, received an Emmy and a Tony nomination.

What happened to all the posts?

 Damn good question from the preceding post:

Once the elder victim is dead...

"What happened to all the posts?"

And because of that simple question we are reminded to keep fighting.




04 April 2014

Once the elder victim is dead...

That the elder was a victim in the first place is just the tip of the iceberg and completely ignored.

With the court and attorneys fucking over the family and the family fucking over each other.

It becomes a fuck fest.

The victim's life... legacy is laid waste.


03 April 2014

Joke's on me

Fuller Trust Asset confirmed sold by LASC Judge Leslie Green for $100,000.00 below fair market value.

RIP - 1916 N. Belhaven Ave

Son's of Bitches!

Son's of Bitches!

Cock Sucking Muthafuckahs!

All The One's

You Know Who You Are...

Fuck You From The Bottom Of Our Hearts, Oh So Very Much.

Y'all Stupid!!!

01 April 2014


15 January 2014

Office of the Chief Trial Counsel Intake
1149 South Hill Street
Los Angeles, California 90015-2299


Dear Office of the Chief Trial Counsel, Intake

Attorney Patrick John Barnitt - #94794 was appointed Successor Trustee of the Thelsey L. Fuller Trust (Trust) in the Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles, Case BP 122 665 on March 07, 2012.  Mr. Barnitt hired attorney Jeanne Marie Fitzgerald - #134526 as Attorney for Trustee.

Mr. Barnitt has failed to properly carry out his fiduciary duties as Successor Trustee in regards to the THELSEY S. FULLER TRUST (sic), THELSY L. FULLER TRUST (Trust), dated July 23, 2008.

Mr. Barnitt has failed in his fiduciary duties to the Trust in failing to protect the Trust from monetary loss and by offering the Trust’s real estate assets for sale far below fair market value and without the prior consent or consultation with ALL of the Trust beneficiaries.

If the sale of 1916 N. Belhaven Ave., Los Angeles, CA. 90059 is confirmed by the Court at $153,000.00, the Trust will have lost $100,000.00.  Homes in the area are being sold for $250,000.00 - $300,000.00 on average.

The Trust’s real estate asset known as 8625 S. 12th Ave, Inglewood, is also set to be sold at a loss to the Trust in the amount of $100,000.00, the current asking price is $249,000.00.  The homes in that area list from $350,000.00 - $450,000.00 on average.

Combined these proposed actions [IF TAKEN] by the Successor Trustee and the Attorney for Trustee will cause a loss to the Trust conservatively at $100,000.00.  That the Trust’s real estate assets were offered up for sale in Court and listed with a realtor without the prior consent of ALL of the Trust beneficiaries is a grave concern.

As of March 07, 2012, Mr. Barnitt has failed in his fiduciary duties by failing to collect rent on the Trust’s real estate asset located at 8625 S. 12TH AVE, INGLEWOOD, CA 90305-2309 or to evict the occupant(s).

Mr. Barnitt’s failure to collect rent from the occupant(s) has resulted in the possible loss to the Trust in the amount of $1,800.00 per month at fair market value for twenty-two months [25 MONTHS x $1,800 = $45,000] thus far.

1. Why are no rent monies being collected on the Trust’s real estate asset located at 8625 S. Inglewood Ave and if rent monies were being collected by whom?

2. Why hadn’t the occupants been evicted?

3. Why were [are/have] the Trust real estate assets being offered for sale far below fair market value?

NO SALE! - 1916 (LASC CASE BP122665)


Los Angeles County Superior Court Cases
BP099211, BP122665, BP118616, BP135381

BP099211 Conservatorship Edwina Fuller
BP118616 Probate Thelsey L. Fuller
BP122665 Challenge to the Trust Amendment
BP135381 Probate Edwina J. Fuller

2nd District Court of Appeal

WHY!?  WHY!?  WHY!?


NO SALE! - 1916 (LASC CASE BP122665) Addendum

NO SALE! - 1916  (LASC CASE BP122665; BP135381) Addendum



Who is Joe Garrett? [broker]
"2. JTD approval of commission of 5% of the amount, totaling $3,831.25,
as follows: Gilleran Griffin Realtors, 2%, $1,915.62; Joe Garrett, 2.5%
in the amount of $1,915.62
" - Probate Notes BP122665 04/03/2014

Online Services - Probate Notes

The Legacy of Mr. Thelsey L. Fuller is being further destroyed.

For justice to be done the Court must rescind the order allowing the sale of the property far below fair market value and the home placed back on the market and publicly advertised.


This sale must be denied.

The Trustee must do no harm to the estate.

Probate Notes

Department LA 5 Court Convened at: 10:00 AM 04/02/2014
Honorable Maria E. Stratton
Sal Jimenez , Deputy County Clerk M. Manskar , Deputy Sheriff
C. Peters, CSR 5667 , Reporter


Petitioner(s): GARRETT, JOE
Attorney(s): IN PRO PER

Probate Notes

Department LA 11 Court Convened at: 08:30 AM 04/03/2014
Honorable Lesley C. Green
Connie Hudson , Deputy County Clerk , Deputy Sheriff
Paula Renteria CSR 9374 , Reporter


Trust Proceedings
Petitioner(s): Barnitt, Patrick
Attorney(s): Fitzgerald, Jeanne M.

31 March 2014

NO SALE! - 1916 (LASC CASE BP122665)

Department LA 11 Court Convened at: 08:30 AM 04/03/2014
Honorable Lesley C. Green 
Connie Hudson, Deputy County Clerk, Deputy Sheriff 
Paula Renteria CSR 9374 , Reporter

BP122665  1022  FULLER, THELSEY L. - TRUST     
Trust Proceedings  

Online Services - Probate Notes


OTHER CASES: Settlor Thelsey Fuller's predecd spouse, Edwina
Fuller, died on 8/29/2011. Steven Fuller is the admr of Edwina's
estate at BP135381. Edwina Fuller's cshp proceeding at BP099211

Mr. Thelsey L. Fuller; born 06/02/1917, died 08/26/2009
Mrs. Edwina J. Fuller, born 08/20/1917, died 06/02/2012

FACTS: Petnr seeks an order confirming the action taken by petnr
pursuant to Probate Code section 16503 to sell the trust's fifty
percent (50%) interest in R/P located at 1916 North Belhaven, Los
Angeles, CA. The Court has previously issued an order confirming
sale of the other 50% of the R/P held by decd settlor's predecd
spouse, Edwina, to TDC Pacific Properties, Inc.* in BP135381. 
Petnr desires to complete the sale of the trust's one-half interest in
the R/P on the same terms, to the same buyer.

Petnr alleges the sale is necessary to pay debts, taxes and expenses of 
administration and that the sale is for the highest and best sale price
and terms available.

Petnr alleges that on 9/13/13, the succr tee mailed a notice of proposed
action in compliance with Probate Code sections 16500 to 16504 to the
heirs and named benes of the trust. Petnr alleges he has received 
objections to the sale from trust beneficiaries...

If the sale of 1916 N. Belhaven Ave., Los Angeles, CA. 90059 is confirmed by the Court at $153,000.00, the Trust will have lost $100,000.00.  Homes in the area are being sold for $250,000.00 - $300,000.00 on average. This sale being necessary the maximum selling price has yet to be established as the way the sale was previously conducted by Steven Fuller administrator of Edwina's estate and Trustee's attorney, Attorney Jeanne M. Fitzgerald.

2022 N Belhaven Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90059
$329,000 on Mar 04, 2014

13024 Clovis Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90059
$328,000 on Mar 03, 2014

12803 Mckinley Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90059
$310,000 on Jan 30, 2014

13018 Stanford Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90059
$300,000 on Nov 27, 2013

2001 N Dern Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90059
$297,500 on Dec 30, 2013

13118 Mckinley Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90059
$275,000 on Dec 20, 2013

13236 Mckinley Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90059
$275,000 on Oct 29, 2013

2105 N Central Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90059
$270,000 on Jan 02, 2014

13326 Stanford Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90059
$265,000 on Nov 20, 2013

12218 Slater Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90059
$265,000 on Mar 03, 2014

2804 W 134Th St, Los Angeles, CA 90059
$255,000 on Oct 08, 2013

1908 N Salinas Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90059
$250,000 on Dec 27, 2013

2030 N Keene Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90059
$230,000 on Nov 01, 2013

12914 Keene Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90059
$230,000 on Mar 14, 2014


1. JTD confirmation of sale of the trust's interest in R/P located at 1916
North Bellhaven Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, to TDC Pacific Properties,
Inc., for the sum of $76,625
2. JTD approval of commission of 5% of the amount, totaling $3,831.25,
as follows: Gilleran Griffin Realtors, 2%, $1,915.62; Joe Garrett, 2.5%
in the amount of $1,915.62
3. JTD payment of $76,625 all cash with deposit of $7,800 by buyer
4. JTD property sold "As Is" condition and is subject to any and all
persons who may be occupying the premises
5. JTD notice of this sale is not subject to publication



A Commitment To Daddy, Before & After

*TDC specializes in purchasing single and multi-family properties at the LA County Trustee Sales where bank foreclosures are sold at a very fast paced and highly competitive auction for below market prices. THE TRUST ASSET IS NOT A FORECLOSURE!

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." - Edmund Burke

"Si vis Pacem, Para Bellum - If you want Peace, prepare for War."

"Fall Down Seven Times, Stand Up Eight."

"Don't stop until your good is better and your better is best... your best is the best there is!"

133 Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!

2 It is like the precious ointment upon the head, that ran down upon the beard, even Aaron's beard: that went down to the skirts of his garments;

3 As the dew of Hermon, and as the dew that descended upon the mountains of Zion: for there the Lord commanded the blessing, even life for evermore.

Psalm 133 King James Version (KJV)
"Oh, Lord my god, is there no hope for the widow's son?"

25 March 2014

Investigation continues, 90-year-old Robert Stella of La Jolla, alleged victim

Robert Stella. Courtesy photos

Stella’s granddaughter, Emily Criscuolo, said that when the family had Stella removed from his home in February and transferred to a local senior care facility, he was disoriented, malnourished and dehydrated with severe bedsores. They allege the woman routinely tied him to his bed and locked him in his room without food or water.

SDPD Media Relations Lt. Kevin Mayer said police are investigating charges of financial abuse and neglect (a form of elder abuse). 

The disturbing conditions inside the home of Robert Stella (pictured) at the time he was taken to a residential care facility last month.

Too much for us, read the entire article:

Elder Abuse Victim's daughter charged with murder

Linda Raye, 58, faces murder and elder abuse charges in the 2012 death of her mother. Raye was the paid in-home caregiver for her mother.

A 58-year-old woman has been charged with murder and elder abuse
in the 2012 death of her 85-year-old mother.

Riverside Police arrested Linda Raye Thursday after an extensive
investigation into her mother’s death. Raye was the paid in-home 
caregiver for her mother, who died as a result of severely infected 
open wounds.

Let's review: Stage III - Stage IV Pressure Ulcer  [Mr. Thelsey L. Fuller had four]

Robert L. Fuller & Doris A. Fuller aka Doris Fuller Stewart have not been charged, nor have they been held accountable.

No attorney or Trust Administrator has filed an Order to Show Cause in order to hold the abusers accountable for violating the Court's Orders - repay in excess of $235,000.00 turn over Trust assets i.e. 8625 S. 12th Ave.

Fair market rent for said real estate is $1,800.00 dollars per month, the Court's decision was rendered in January 2012. The actions of the abusers have caused the Trust to lose in excess of  $46,800.00 because they decided that Ijnanya could live in the home rent free instead of obeying the orders of the Honorable Judge Marvin M. Lager.

*One of the Trust assets is currently pending approval of sale by the Court for below fair market value in order to satisfy attorney demands for payment of fees. 1916 N. Belhaven Ave.

Case Number:  BP122665
Future Hearings

04/03/2014 at 08:30 am in department 11 at 111 North Hill Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012



New Twist, Abuser Helluva Bold

New twists are coming to light in the investigation of suspected animal neglect and elder abuse at a million-dollar La Jolla home.

Just days after NBC 7 Investigates first reported about the discovery of a 90-year-old man dangerously malnourished and dehydrated in his own home, two other families have come forward claiming that man’s companion took advantage of two other men -- an 81-year-old and 80-year-old.

Family members of homeowner Robert Stella say the woman they blame for his condition, Victoria Turner, is back in the Avenida De Las Pescas house she shared with Stella.

Turner filed for temporary restraining orders against Stella's children William and Michelle Redfield as well as roommate Josh Curry, which resulted in his eviction.

Curry told NBC 7 Investigates that Turner teased Stella with food and tied the 90-year-old to his bed.

In her application for the restraining orders, Turner indicates she was physically threatened by Curry as well as Stella’s children.

     How the hell did the abuser get back into the victim's home?

22 March 2014

Tevin handles his business; No opponent for Kevin

Welterweight Tevin Watts won a hard-fought four round unanimous decision over Vicente Guzman. Watts (2-0, 1 KO) landed the cleaner punches, but Guzman (0-4-1) was able to land occasional right hands. Watts almost dropped Guzman with a right hand near the end of the third round. Watts controlled the final round by keeping Guzman on the outside. All three judges scored the fight 40-36 in favor of Watts.


Welterweight Tevin Watts (2-0, 1 KO) won a four round unanimous decision over Vicente Guzman. All three judges scored the bout 40-36 in favor of Watts.


No opponent for Kevin Watts due to a last minute withdrawal from what we understand and his promoter is having trouble getting him fights. Two different fighters withdrew from the bout, Kevin is currently 4 - 0 with 2 KOs.