27 May 2015

June 15th is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day 2015

Elder abuse a 'huge, expensive and lethal' problem for states

WASHINGTON -- We know that victims of elder abuse tend to be socially isolated, physically weakened and struggling to maintain their independence. They are reliant on family, friends or caregivers who violate their trust.
What we don't know, because elder abuse is underreported, is how big the problem really is.
There are no official national statistics on how many older people are mistreated physically, emotionally or financially. Definitions and methods of addressing the issue differ state to state, and even county to county. Nor is there a dedicated stream of federal dollars for Adult Protective Services (APS) agencies, which most states rely on to combat elder abuse. Each state has cobbled together its own funding and bureaucracy.
Nevertheless, advocates and officials say there is little doubt the problem is growing, driven in large part by the tremendous growth in the elderly population. 

THEIRS: Elder abuse becoming costly problem

When the wrong people have access to a vulnerable adult’s money, bad things can happen.
Those things, which fall under the category of financial exploitation, are only expected to increase as the population grows older. Many people hope to age at home, which could leave them hidden and particularly susceptible to mistreatment.

Casey Kasem's widow won't face elder abuse charges

(CNN)Citing insufficient evidence, Los Angeles County prosecutors declined to file elder abuse charges against the widow of iconic radio host Casey Kasem.
The district attorney's office said on a charge evaluation sheet given to the media Friday that Jean Kasem tried to ensure that her husband was continuously provided medical care.
A potential elder abuse charge would be impossible to prove in a criminal court, the document said.
The district attorney's office said it talked over its decision with Los Angeles police, who took over the case from their Santa Monica counterparts. LAPD agreed with the decision, according to the document. [No surprise there.]

Agency on Aging encourages awareness of elder abuse

Each year, an estimated 1 to 2 million older adults face injury, exploitation, or other mistreatment in the U.S. in the form of financial, physical, sexual, or emotional abuse or neglect, According to the National Council on Elder Abuse. Estimates show that only one in every 14 incidents of abuse or neglect are ever brought to the attention of law enforcement or elder abuse specialists. 

Daniel Kristof Lak, disbarred

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22 May 2015

Keep this Tip Sheet handy: Learn to recognize the signs of Elder Abuse

Recognizing abuse, which occurs across all socio-economic levels, is vital to protecting the ever-increasing number of seniors.

  • Watch for a sudden appearance of physical injuries such as bruises and sprains
  • Stay alert to a change in finances
  • Identify changes in behaviour or appearance
  • Watch for 'new' suspicious relationships
  • Any of the above could be signs of abuse. In an emergency situation, it's crucial to immediately call the police.

According to the Advocacy Centre for the Elderly (ACE), elder abuse includes:

  • Physical abuse such as slapping, pushing, beating or forced confinement
  • Financial abuse such as stealing, fraud, extortion or misusing a power of attorney
  • Sexual abuse as sexual assault or any unwanted form of sexual activity
  • Neglect as failing to give an older person in your care food, medical attention, or other necessary care or abandoning an older person in your care
  • Emotional abuse such as treating an older person like a child or humiliating, insulting, frightening, threatening or ignoring an older person

Learn to Recognize the Signs of Elder Abuse
SOURCE HomEquity Bank

13 May 2015


Elder abuse experts: Expect more cases like this one in Bethesda

To Montgomery County detectives, the care that James Kirkland provided to his 87-year-old mother — who had pressure ulcers so severe that her spine was exposed — amounted to felony abuse of a vulnerable adult.

According to arrest records, Kirkland’s mother arrived by ambulance at Suburban Hospital on Friday. She was found to have large pressure ulcers on her back and legs. Social workers and detectives were summoned.

“Hospital staff stated these wounds were packed with newspaper and a powdery substance,” police wrote in charging documents. “When the staff removed the newspaper from the area, the victim’s spine could be seen. Furthermore, on both of [the victim’s] feet were compression socks that were on her for such a long period of time that they were fused to her feet. Both socks had to be removed surgically.”

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03 May 2015

How does one charge their mother for rent, food and utilities after she's had a stroke?

We don't know, you'd need to ask him.  Keep in mind, dude had all of his mother's resources at his disposal.  Dude did not have an agreement with anyone written or otherwise to be paid or reimbursed for voluntarily taking care of his mother!!!
Now this:
Homeless man in shed illustrates Charlotte’s toughest cases

“She’s an African-American woman, educated and works a 9-to-5 job in the corporate sector. He’s an older white male with limited education, who grew up impoverished,” she said. “Their friendship seems to erase lines between race, class and gender in a way that is powerful.”
Pierce and Robinson first met when she was attending church at Community Outreach Christian Ministries, which was then working with the Harvest Center to house up to 20 homeless people. Pierce was in that housing program, but he was kicked out five times because of his drinking, she says.
“There is something about Bear, an almost childlike innocence that makes you want to help him,” she says. “That innocence got him taken advantage of a lot on the streets.”
Robinson’s friends say she has a reputation for bold acts of kindness, but many were surprised to learn she was allowing a homeless man to live on her property. 

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