25 March 2014

New Twist, Abuser Helluva Bold

New twists are coming to light in the investigation of suspected animal neglect and elder abuse at a million-dollar La Jolla home.

Just days after NBC 7 Investigates first reported about the discovery of a 90-year-old man dangerously malnourished and dehydrated in his own home, two other families have come forward claiming that man’s companion took advantage of two other men -- an 81-year-old and 80-year-old.

Family members of homeowner Robert Stella say the woman they blame for his condition, Victoria Turner, is back in the Avenida De Las Pescas house she shared with Stella.

Turner filed for temporary restraining orders against Stella's children William and Michelle Redfield as well as roommate Josh Curry, which resulted in his eviction.

Curry told NBC 7 Investigates that Turner teased Stella with food and tied the 90-year-old to his bed.

In her application for the restraining orders, Turner indicates she was physically threatened by Curry as well as Stella’s children.

     How the hell did the abuser get back into the victim's home?

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