04 March 2014

‘Deplorable’ abuse of elder... Caretaker, husband charged in elder abuse scam

‘Deplorable’ abuse of elder

‘One of worst cases’

A 75-year-old woman withered away helplessly in a frigid Stoughton basement while under the care of a suspect facing criminal charges in what cops said was “one of the worst cases of elder abuse and neglect we’ve ever seen.”
The victim “had sores that were down to the bone” and was malnourished and dehydrated when police found her in a cramped 8-by-10 corner of the basement of her caregiver’s home, Stoughton police executive officer Robert Devine said.
“It was more like a cell than a room,” he said. “The thermostat on the wall read 51 degrees. It was just, it was deplorable.”
Sandra Lucien-Calixte, 48, was charged Feb. 21 with committing serious injury to an elder or disabled person, Devine said. Police disclosed the arrest yesterday.
Cops began investigating 
Feb. 16, after firefighters responded to a report of low blood pressure. The victim’s body was so still, firefighters thought she was dead.

Caretaker, husband charged in elder abuse scam

A Brockton couple was indicted Monday in connection with scamming an elderly man and his disabled daughter out of thousands of dollars.
Prisca Halaby, 35, and her husband Dominique Halaby, 45, were arrested Friday. They were accused of stealing money from the Sharon victims during a five-year span, according to District Attorney Michael Morrissey.
"Some of the conduct alleged in the indictments dates back to 2009," District Attorney Michael W. Morrissey said.
The victims, a 92-year-old man and his 62-year-old daughter, were scammed out of more than $130,000, prosecutors said.
Authorities allege Prisca Halaby opened a Bank of America account in the disabled woman's name, forging her signature.

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