10 March 2014

Elder Abuse Case, Specialized Unit Is Investigating

Officials are investigating allegations of elder abuse and animal neglect going on behind the front gates of a million-dollar home in an exclusive San Diego community.

The victim's family said 90-year-old Robert Stella was kept a virtual prisoner by his caretaker, who befriended him more than 10 years ago. Police said the woman claimed to be Stella's wife.

There is extreme clutter in the front yard of the home along Avenida de las Pescas in La Jolla and neighbors say conditions inside the home are unlivable.

Family members of the homeowner called San Diego police officers and animal control officers last week after Stella was found propped up in his wheelchair on the driveway.

Read the article: http://www.nbcsandiego.com/news/local/Elder-Abuse-La-Jolla-Avenida-Pescas-Animal-Abuse-San-Diego-Stella-249035761.html

Watch the video.

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