21 March 2014

Dad's deed 16219, slander of real estate, financial elder abuse

We obtained the DEED in order to try and understand how or why Thelsey L. Fuller would gift Doris A. Fuller aka Doris Fuller Stewart her own home.

What we have come to conclude is that now there are more questions and fewer answers instead in regards to the real estate in question.

The DEED below was prepared by Atty. Daniel Kristof Lak and dated 07/23/2008 the same date as the TRUST document is dated.

Why would Thelsey L. Fuller believe that the real estate described in the document was his property and place it in his TRUST?

What occurred to give Thelsey L. Fuller the impression that the real estate belonged to him, considering that Doris A. Fuller aka Doris Fuller Stewart had taken out a reverse mortgage on the exact same property a couple of months prior for the amount of $541,500.00?

Could Thelsey L. Fuller have included the property in his TRUST as an effort to protect his interest in the real estate after passing a substantial amount of money to Doris A. Fuller aka Doris Fuller Stewart in order to buy back the reverse mortgage on the home?

Is it an indication of the mental failings of a sickly 91-year-old man that was extremely ill and required 24 hour care?

Or, is it another indication of Atty. Lak's unprofessionalism and propensity to slander real estate titles for financial gain as in the past?

It must also be noted that the DEED was not filed with the Recorder's Office, Los Angeles County, California until two months later on 09/12/2008 and that Atty. Lak has a history of not filing legal documents in a timely manner.

The same notary is utilized on multiple documents other than those mentioned above one of which is another real estate property that we have attempted to bring to the attention of the authorities: 8707 Falmouth Ave #308.

A month later 16219 was gifted to Doris A. Fuller aka Doris Fuller Stewart???

     "I'm dingy and slow like my mother."    

By the way, this real estate property has never been worth $541,500.00.

What's up with that?

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