15 March 2014

Atty. Daniel Kristof Lak; No. 216983


Case Name:Lak, Daniel KristofCase Number:13-O-11189
Member #:216983Venue:LA
Status:OpenCase Filed:12/06/2013
Counsel:Pro PerDeputy Trial Counsel:
Assigned Judge:
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03/13/2014Motion: Sanctions Non-Discovery by Deputy Trial CounselMOTION FOR IMPOSITION OF EVIDENTIARY SANCTIONS

It must be noted that we believe that Atty. Daniel Kristoff Lak was central in the financial elder abuse, [elder abuse], fraud and undue influence visited upon Mr. Thelsey L. Fuller.

Mr. Fuller at the time was a 92-year-old man in need of round the clock care, was isolated from his family, suffered from diminished mental capacity and on deaths' bed was in complete and total control of his alleged abusers to his determent.

As a direct result of which Mr. Fuller's lifetime of hard work has been destroyed as well as the legacy he set aside for his family.

A widow's son


  1. It looks like this gleep's goose is cooked.

    1. One thing is certain, the skids are greased.


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