05 April 2013


Doris A. Fuller is not a Fuller at all.


1                         DECLARATION OF DORIS FULLER 

2 I, Doris Fuller, hereby declare:

3     1.     I am an adult child of Edwina Fuller ("Edwina"), the conservatee.


On April 16, 1946 two women gave birth to baby girls. One woman being black and the other woman being white. The black woman gave birth to a white baby and the white woman gave birth to a black baby.  The babies were switched which is why Edwina left Doris at the hospital. Thelsey had to go back to the hospital with his brother to pick up infant Doris. Edwina didn't lay up with a "darky" with kinky hair and big lips let alone get impregnated by one, EVER!   An earlier rape and having her baby stolen, I believe may have been the tipping point and the beginning of Edwina's personal and mental issues.

Oh, and while it's on my mind, according to Edwina - as stated above regarding the rape - Robert Fuller's daddy is white.  She stated that she was dragged into a field and raped by a white man and became pregnant as a result of that rape.  In those days the rapes of black women by white men were not investigated by police.

 I make this

4 declaration on my own personal knowledge and belief and, if called to do so, I could competently

5 testify hereto.

6     2.     I make this declaration in support of my objections to the Second and Final Account

7 and Report of Conservator, petition for Termination, Petition for Attorney and Conservator Fees, and

8 Request for Reimbursement by Steve Fuller ("Steve"), the conservator.

9     3.     During the account period, Edwina was elderly and suffering from dementia. Her

10  monthly food bill is estimated at no more than $250. I often cooked for Edwina so I am familiar with

Circa 2003, would have been the last time Doris was in Steven's home helping with Edwina and when Steven returned home from work it is known that Edwina had been left soiled all day.

11 the amount of groceries she required. Schedule C of the Accounting, however, shows grocery

12 purchases as high as $665 per month. This amount appears excessive for Edwina alone. Steve

13 resided with Edwina during the entire account period. In addition, Steve's niece and his niece's son

14 and son's friend resided in Edwina's residence on a sporadic basis during the account period. Based

15 on the grocery expenditures reflected on Schedule C, it appears that Edwina's funds were used to buy

16 groceries, not just for Edwina, but also for Steve, his niece and her son and son's friend.

Edwina lived with Steven in his residence not the other way around and he worked himself to the bone to make sure that Edwina had the very best of everything that life had to offer including around the clock care.   

"his niece and her son" not "our niece and nephew"?

I strongly suggest that the Court and all interest parties review all reports given by the PVP Attorney, Sibylle Grebe concerning the care of Edwina J. Fuller as provided by Steven Fuller.

Doris Fuller you are a liar, a thief and the truth is not in you. 

Tell the Court how you and Robert have failed to give up the Inglewood property, disclose all the information on your home being gifted back to you by Daddy after you took out a reverse mortgage and the condo located at 8707 Falmouth Ave. #308

Yeah, and why is it that Daniel Kristof Lak quit on you? 

17     I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California that the foregoing is

18 true and correct.

19      Executed this 28 day of March 2013, at Encino, California.

20                                                                   D~~~~ F~~~~~
                                                                        Doris Fuller






                                                DECLARATION OF DORIS FULLER

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  1. I don't think that lak fellow quit on them. They may be cheating, lying, corrupt squatters like he is, but they are probably smart enough to finally realize that everything he touches turns to crap. And that's why in all likelihood they fired him.

    Why would he quit on them? With clients unwitting enough to hire him few and far between, he certainly wouldn't quit on actual paying clients. After all, he's not going to make a living selling that hilarious Mr. Miller-ish CD of his. That karaoke tip money is looking better all the time.

    1. That wouldn't explain why the abusers would rob daddy, throw momma under the bus and sell the family down the river.

      Nor, how they've gotten away with it.


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