02 April 2013

Thelsey & Edwina's Great-Grand Sons Make it to Golden Gloves Championship

Lancaster, CA
Watts twins 

"FIGHTING CHANCE - Three Antelope Valley boxers advanced to the Golden Gloves State Finals, which will take place Saturday in Lincoln Park.  The three competed in the four-day Golden Gloves Southern California tournament in mid-March.  Pictured, from left to right are Hervi Estrada, chief trainer for AV Boxing Club; Tevin Watts, who finished second at 150 pounds at the SoCal tournament; Jason Morales, who was second at 120 pounds; Kevin Watts, who won the championship at 140 pounds; and Johnny Rosas, Chief trainer for Team Full Force."

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  1. Congratulations and good luck to those two young men. They probably do lots of squats to build up strength and endurance.

    I wonder if Daniel Kristof Lak is a squatter.

    1. Robert, Doris and Others


      Too many questions not enough answers.


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