07 April 2013

"I haven't seen that in 40 years." Doris Fuller Stewart

16219 S. Bradfield Ave, Compton, CA - Trust Asset ?

4 Q Ms. Fuller, do you have any original deeds
5 to -- or the original deed or deeds to the property at
6 16219 South Bradfield Avenue in Compton?
7 MR. LAK: We're objecting to that document
8 request on the grounds of relevance.
9 MS. BURRELL: Well, it's -- your objection is
10 noted. But it's listed as an asset on Mr. Fuller's
11 trust, as we'll get to. So I believe --
12 MR. LAK: You can answer the question, Doris.
13 MS. BURRELL: -- it's relevant.
14 THE WITNESS: That is not true. That was a
15 mistake.
17 Q Well, we'll get there.
18 MR. LAK: Doris, just answer the question that
19 she's asking.
21 Q We'll get there.
22 A Okay.
23 Q I'm just asking for now whether you have a copy
24 of the original deed for that property?
25 A Somewhere.
Page 20

1 Q Okay. Will you look for that and supply me
2 with -- a copy will be fine -- by March 18th, when you
3 supply the rest of the documents?
4 A I'll look.
5 Q Okay.
6 MR. LAK: And just to -- so the witness
7 understands, Doris, she's looking for the original; so
8 it would have to have an original signature.
9THE WITNESS: I haven't seen that in 40
10 years.
11 MR. LAK: Okay.
12 MS. BURRELL: I will accept an original -- as
13 you can see on Item 8, it says an original or a copy if
14 no original is available. A copy would be just fine.
15 MR. LAK: Well, the witness has just stated she
16 hasn't seen the deed for 40 years. So --

I'm thinking if one takes out a reverse mortgage on their property wouldn't they need the deed?



"This Ain't No Game Show!"

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