01 August 2012


Lak's Misdirection Ploy, Page 3 
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The rap music that I sent to Robert and Doris?

O'Jays - "For the Love of Money
Cops Theme Song - "Bad Boys"

Threaten them?


But, I would like to see Lak disbarred and Robert and Doris charged with their crimes against Daddy, Momma and the family and put under the jail.

I believe that Robert, Daniel and Doris are liars, thieves and commit perjury just as easily as they breathe.

I believe that they are of the lowest scum on the face of the earth and a danger to civilized society.

I was the one threatened by Robert and Doris in November of 2007 when Daddy asked me to come home for Christmas of that year because, they thought I was after Daddy's money.  Being that I know that it is easy to get into trouble and hard to get out; I canceled my vacation explaining to Daddy exactly why I had too.  Yep, and the exact reason why the family knew which banking records to obtain and why I filed a complaint about Daddy's missing Social Security checks with the Social Security Administration.

What is it that I point out about you -- Lak  -- that isn't based on what I believe to be fact?

Town & Country Bank, Plaintiff, vs. Brian Goodard and Daniel K. Lak, Defendants as contained in the Complaint Case No. A584786 Dept No. VII filed in District Court, Clark County, Nevada Town & Country Bank v. Goddard et al Case Number: 2:2009cv00686



I didn't take Daddy's money.

I didn't conduct any real estate transactions and hide or withhold the paperwork.

I didn't slander real estate titles.

I wasn't responsible for Daddy having multiple pressure ulcers of different stages.

I wasn't responsible for Daddy being malnourished, dehydrated, anemic or any other condition that he suffered from because of the lack of adequate care.

I am however responsible for trying to get the authorities to do something about all those that I believed had everything to do with bringing harm to Daddy, harm to Momma and harm to this family.  Yep, and showing up in person at the FBI offices in Charlotte, NC early on to try and report what I knew.  I ended up mailing the information to FBI Headquarters in DC.  And I've called the White House too.

As far as Lak's frivolous allegations are concerned about Steven, if it weren't for Steven, Momma would have passed a very long time ago.  But, as it turned out Steven nearly killed himself taking care of her even though it put him in a financial rut.  As a result of his efforts Momma didn't lack, want, miss nor need anything.   She wasn't malnourished, she wasn't dehydrated, she wasn't anemic and she damn sure wasn't abused, robbed, tricked, scammed or placed into a convalescent hospital.  I'll be sure to post the PVP attorney's report to the Court concerning Edwina Fuller and the care extended to her by my Uncle Steven on this blog in case Lak and his clients overlooked it.  Momma scummed to old age on Daddy's birthday but, the family doesn't have a clue as to what actually killed Daddy, no one was allowed to see him.

Check my blog from time to time because I still have a lot of paper work I haven't even began to post.

And any alleged full copy of my blog that Lak claims to have is a LIE! because I'm still blogging!

Oh, and Momma and Daddy were still "married" when Daddy passed!


Judges make mistakes and somehow Lak was able to get the Court to adjudicate a divorce from the grave.

Lak and his clients have yet to give an accounting of what they did with Daddy and Momma's money.  

Much love,

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Blogging is mightier than the sword.

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