20 August 2012

Senior Issues


To: Pres. Barack H. Obama, the White House

Fax No: 1- 202-456-2461

Date: 20 August 2012

Re: “Senior Issues” [Elder Abuse, Financial Elder Abuse]

Honorable Pres. Obama,

I telephoned the White House several weeks ago and asked the operator to put me in contact with the person that handled "Senior Issues."

She put me on hold for a brief period and then came back on the line and asked again the reason for my call.

I told her again that I was calling to speak to anyone who's job it was to handle "Senior Issues."

Needless to say, the operator was lost and I was very disappointed that no one is available to handle "Senior Issues" or to field those types of telephone calls.

Re: Mr. Thelsey L. Fuller & Mrs. Edwina J. Fuller -- benamarine.blogspot.com


Vertias, Harvard Dad 2003

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