08 August 2012

"The Whole Situation Was Very Shady to Me."

Going on three years later, it is still "very shady."


I have no clue what is going on.  What Robert and Doris are up to only they know.  After the Funeral ( I couldn't get Uncle Steve to go inside ) we went to Uncle Stevie's house and talked for a while.  I knew Doris and Robert were keeping Grandfather isolated from everyone else.  No one was allowed to visit with him without one of them supervising. The whole situation was very shady to me.  During the time he was with Uncle Stevie it is my understanding he was doing well.  Why was he moved?  Why the isolation?  In the weeks before his passing as far as I know they didn't share the details of his location with anyone else.  Maybe you know more than I do, but as I recall you said years ago that there would be drama when he passed.  I don't know what you hope to learn with the investigation. but I hope the truth comes out.  This family has quite the history when it comes to the passing of parents and the estates they leave behind.  Mama Jones, JoAnne, and now Grandfather."

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