05 August 2012

Call on Me

Have Daddy Call Doris Letter and Image ...

13 July 2009

Ms. Doris Stewaert
16219 S. Bradfield Ave.
Compton, California 90221-4515

Dear Aunt Doris,

I hope that this short note finds you well.

I have attempted to call you on several occasions in order to talk to Daddy.

The telephone numbers I have been trying to reach you with are 310.xxx.xxxx and 310.xx.xxxx, the phone rings many times and then a recording comes on but does not ask to leave a message, it then states something about the call can not be answered and then hangs up.

Please call me at  or , as soon as possible so, that I may speak with my grandfather before he leaves this god-forsaken place.

Thanking you in advance,

Sorry, I wasn't there for you ... Dad.

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