11 August 2012

What Happened to Daddy's Social Security Checks

Office of the Inspector General

"The two named individuals were found to have committed fraud, undue influence and financial elder abuse in civil cases in Los Angeles County Superior Court BP099211 & BP122665.

For the period May 2008 through August 2009 the proceeds from Mr. Thelsey Leo Fuller's social security are unaccounted for.

They also took his retirement proceeds, US Postal Service, as soon as it hit his bank account each month during the same time frame.

His abusers took over $300,000.00 and can not give and account as to how they spent his money for his care.  Their victim, Mr. Thelsey Leo Fuller, passed away on 08/26/2009."


Now this:
Elder abuse filmmakers use Mickey Rooney's saga to educate, pass on lessons

"NCEA estimates that roughly two-thirds of all elder abuse perpetrators are family members, most often the victim’s adult child or spouse. Research has shown that the abusers in many instances are financially dependent on the elder’s resources and have problems related to alcohol and drugs."

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