21 December 2013

Correction, Thelsey S. Fuller Trust (sic) set to lose over $545,800.00

Thelsey L. Fuller Trust stands to lose in excess of $183,000.00 if attorneys & others have their perfect way.

If the sale of Belhaven is confirmed at $153,000 by the court, the TRUST will have lost almost a hundred thousand dollars.

The homes in the area are going for $250,000 - $350,000:

2022 N Belhaven Ave   $329,000

1124 E 131st St   $315,000
12926 Mckinley Ave   $300,000

Here's a couple that appear run down:

12114 S. Central Ave   $243,000

2005 N Riddle Ave   $205,000  [$52,000 more than 1916 N. Belhaven Ave]

Here's the main link, there are comparable homes in the area being sold for far much more than $153,000: http://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-search/90059?pgsz=50

8625 S. 12th Ave, Inglewood, is also set by the Successor Trustee to be sold at a loss to the TRUST, the asking price is currently $249,000.

Here a few comparable homes for sale in that area:

8905 S 12Th Ave   $350,000

8030 Maitland Ave   $446,000

8213 S Van Ness Ave  $350,000

Oh, there is also the issues of the Falmouth property and the Bradfield property and what I believe took place behind the scenes on that:

N/AResale07/17/2013B: Judith Lisa Eisenstein (Trustee)James Matthew Keenan (Trustee)James Matthew KeenanJudith Lisa Eisenstein The (Revocable Trust)BA: N/A
S: Judith L EisensteinJames M KeenanSA: N/A
N/AResale05/29/2013B: Judith L EisensteinJames M KeenanBA: N/A
S: Judith Lisa Eisenstein (Trustee)James Matthew Keenan (Trustee)James Matthew KeenanJudith Lisa Eisenstein The (Revocable Trust)SA: N/A
N/AResale09/12/2008B: Judith Lisa Eisenstein (Trustee)Thelsey S Fuller (Trustee) (Revocable Trust)Thelsey S Fuller, James MatthewJudith Lisa Eisenstein Keenan (Revocable Trust) (Trustee)James Matthew KeenanBA: N/A
S: Judy Lisa EisensteinThelsey S Fuller

N/AResale12/02/2008B: Doris A FullerBA: N/A
S: Thelsey Fuller (Trustee)Thelsey Fuller (Trustee) (Revocable Trust)Thelsey L FullerSA: N/A
N/AResale09/12/2008B: Thelsey S Fuller (Revocable Trust)Thelsey S Fuller (Trustee)BA: N/A
S: Thelsey S Fuller


In the prime of life, Mr. Thelsey L. Fuller nor Mrs. Edwina J. Fuller would have allowed or stood for anyone swindling them out of their assets.  

I may not be in the prime of life but, I'm not going to stand for the TRUST being swindled anymore than it has already.

And a couple of sweet ladies will not keep getting the shaft!

Not on my watch!


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