09 September 2012

Real Estate Fraud, Forgery, Hiding of Trust Assets???


Page 27 of the "S" Trust reflects that Daddy's "Interest in the real property located at 8625 S.12th Street (sic), Inglewood, CA 90305" on line # 3 but, he list 16219 S. Bradfield Ave differently on line # 1?

The Bradfield Ave property was completely in the "S" Trust but, only what Daddy believed to be his portion of 12th Ave was included in the "S" Trust.

However, Belhaven Ave wasn't included in the "S" Trust at all!!!   (See images below.)

Belhaven Ave. was later recorded with the county recorder as being "L" Trust property by the ABUSERS on 31 December 2008!!!

That said, did Daddy give 50% of the Inglewood property and 100% of Belhaven Ave to his wife, Edwina by default via the Trust document???

Why didn't  Daddy list or mention the Belhaven Ave. or the Falmouth Ave. properties in the Trust???

The truth concerning 8707 Falmouth Ave #308 has yet to be determined but, Ms. Eisenstein has admitted that she knows Daniel K. Lak.


The Trust was done July 23, 2008 which was prior to Daddy gifting Doris her own home as recorded on October 21, 2008.

Then there’s the $55,000.00 cash withdrawal on August 1, 2008?  "Follow the MONEY!"

So, the question remains… How and when did Daddy become owner of Doris's home on Bradfield and the condo on Falmouth in Playa Del Rey?

Then there is the question of the validity of Daddy's signature on the Trust and other documents.

I would really love to compare Daddy's signature to Lak's documents with Daddy's driver's license and any checks Daddy would have signed on his checking account prior to the advent of Daniel K. Lak circa July 2008.  As all I have to go by and take as accurate is the signature on the power of attorney Daddy signed on May 1, 2008 at the bank with Aunt Carol.

There is no Testimony of Thelsey L. Fuller.  Robert L. Fuller, Doris A Fuller & Daniel K. Lak saw to that and the court allowed it.

Continuance, continuance, continuance, after continuance ruled the day.  Mr. Thelsey L. Fuller was never allowed to be asked or answer one question in open court regarding his wife - Mrs. Edwina J. Fuller, himself or his assets.

"Thelsey S. Fuller Trust"  "Thelsey L. Fuller Trust" it's so very confusing!!!

Re: Los Angeles County Superior Court Cases
BP099211, BP122665, BP118616, BP135381

2nd District Court of Appeal
B241450 & B241452

Judge Marvin Lager, found Robert and Doris Fuller guilty of fraud, undue influence and elder abuse - all in probate court.  They were removed as trustees of the Estate of Thelsey L. Fuller and court ordered to turn over all paperwork and monies that were stolen out of the Trust ($235,000.00 - $107,000.00 of which belonged to our mother - who was alive at the time).  Immediately, Robert and Doris placed Doris Fuller's daughter inside the real property (8625 12th Ave, Inglewood, CA) in which they no longer were trustees or had control over.  

Also, Robert Fuller said that he wasn’t going to pay  Momma, "SHIT!”  

So much for the orders given by Judge Lager. 

So much for the orders of the Court.

My hat goes off to Det. Gomez of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department for her efforts to get justice for the victims, Mr. & Mrs. Thelsey L. Fuller.

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