05 December 2013

BP099211, BP122665 -- B241450, From where I sit, PART I

The family knew that someone was going to need to take care of Mr. Thelsey L. Fuller when he was living alone and came home from the hospital to an empty house saying that he had come home to die.

The family never suspected that their parents would become the victims of elder abuse, financial elder abuse, fraud, theft and undue influence by other members of the family.

Robert and Doris are not Thelsey's children. Robert's father was Anglo. Robert is the seed of a rapist. Edwina is not Doris's birth mother. Edwina left Doris at the hospital, she believed that her actual daughter was switched at the hospital at birth.  The rape and the switching of her baby were contributing factors to Edwina's mental illness.

Immediately after removing Thelsey from the home of Steven and Edwina, Daniel Lak being hired by Appellants, the Thelsey S. Fuller (sic) Trust was created and then the amendment. After which time Robert and Doris isolated Thelsey from all other family members. No other family members save Robert and Doris were privy to the Trust document until order by the Court upon Thelsey’s death. Thelsey’s original will  [prior to any Trust document] is believed to have been destroyed by Robert and or Doris.

It must be noted that Mr. Thelsey L. Fuller was a sickly 90-year-old man that was docile, compliant and in the beginning stages of diminished capacity.

Carol and Thelsey attempted to place the Belhaven property into Carol’s name without Edwina’s consent.

Also, Robert when told that if anything happened to Edwina everything would go to Thelsey but, if anything happened to Thelsey everything would go to Edwina.

Robert said, that is not how it’s going down, that’s not how is going to be or words to that effect.

Robert and Michael Long were like father and son, brothers, confidants and friends for 48 years -- until Robert became hostile toward him as Robert took over Thelsey’s assets.

Having enjoyed a very close relationship, love and constant contact with his grandfather, Thelsey L. Fuller and the love and care of his grandmother, Edwina J. Fuller, after learning from Thelsey that he had tried to put the Belhaven property into Carol’s name and the conflict with Robert over property that belonged to Thelsey and Edwina… Michael Long then advised Steven to move to protect Edwina’s interest in the marital assets.

Steven filed PC 850 on 05/12/2008 allegedly for that purpose.

Robert and Doris filed their response to the PC 850 five months later on 10/30/2008 and long after it should have been filed in accordance with law. And long after they had Mr. Thesley L. Fuller allegedly sign off on all of the paperwork that they needed him to sign. FORGERY? The Trust, the Trust Amendment, Power of Attorney over his bank accounts, real estate deeds and gifts of real estate. Robert and Doris had everything they needed, they took his retirement money and his social security checks each and every month.  The only thing they hadn't taken was all of his money that came later.

Mr. Thelsey L. Fuller was never allowed to make any statement or give any testimony in open court or in mediation to be asked and answer any questions as to his own desires for his wife or his children.

1. Thelsey Fuller, left because Edwina put him out. He and Odessa Gaines were roommates they maintained separate bedrooms over the course of their entire relationship. Thelsey saw other women. Thelsey never divorced his wife, Edwina. Died in 2009.

3c.   The 12th Avenue property was transferred from Odessa to Thelsey via a quit claim deed facilitated by Thelsey, Robert, and Carol, notarized by Bernice Dunlap [Thelsey’s granddaughter, Robert’s neice, Carol’s daughter].  This was done to prevent “Bonnie,” Odessa’s niece from claiming a 50% interest in the 12th Avenue property upon Odessa’s death.

D. Michael Long, grandson. Mr. Long’s very last conversation with Thelsey was to advise him not
to trust anyone to which he responded, “I know.”  Mr. Long called the L. A. County Sheriff Dept. to go to Doris’s home once and one time only.

Re: Location and condition of Mr. Thelsey L. Fuller, 92-years-old unknown on 08 August 2009. Deputy Anderson at approximately 9:20 PM (EST), Incident #170, File #14014. All other contacts with authorities by Mr. Long have been to attempt to have the pair arrested and charged with criminal elder abuse, criminal financial elder abuse, fraud, theft and undue influence.

On 07/01/2009, Robert L. Fuller and Doris A. Fuller withdraw $235,152.28.  One month later Mr. Thelsey L. Fuller is placed in a convalescent hospital against his will. On 08/05/2009 Robert Fuller notifies the staff that Mr. Fuller suffers diminished capacity. "Resident has fluctuating capacity to understand and make decisions." When it suited their interest from the witness stand [Robert & Doris] Mr. Fuller was mentally competent. All of Robert and Doris’s actions in regards to Mr. Thelsey L. Fuller are classic signs of elder abuse, financial elder abuse, fraud, theft and undue influence.

E. Steven Fuller filed PC 850 on the Inglewood property on 05/12/2008 but, didn't ask the court to
freeze any assets belonging to consignee’s husband until 06/30/2009 over a full year later from filling the PC 850.  Upon learning that Steven Fuller was asking for the court to freeze the assets, Robert and Doris Fuller immediately removed $239,752.28 from one of Thelsey’s bank accounts.  Also, Mr. Thelsey L. Fuller had more than one bank account.

Fiona Cherrie notarized several questionable documents “Thelsey S. Fuller” (sic), which are alleged to have been signed by Mr. Thelsey L. Fuller -- a very sickly 92-year-old man. These documents were prepared at least sixty days after Mr. Thelsey L. Fuller would have been notified of the PC 850. No objections being filed by Robert, Doris or their attorney, Daniel K. Lak until five months later.

The Trust did not include the Belhaven property but, the Bradfield property [Doris’s house, reverse mortgage, gifted to her by Thelsey] and Thelsey’s “portion” of the Inglewood property instead. Though someone decided to included the language that Thelsey “is not currently married” Thelsey claimed only a portion of the Inglewood property which tends to indicate that he as reserving a portion to his wife, Mrs. Edwina J. Fuller. The Belhaven property is not mentioned in the Trust but was placed in the Trust by Robert, Doris and their attorney Daniel K. Lak. [United States District Court, District of Nevada, Case No.:2:09-cv-00686-RLH-LRL "Town & Country Bank, Plaintiff vs. Brian Goodard and Daniel K. Lak, Defendants]

Less than thirty days after removing Thelsey’s money from the bank, Mr. Thelsey L. Fuller was placed in a convalescent hospital against his will by Robert and Doris Fuller where he was abandoned.  Suffering from anemia, malnutrition, multiple pressure ulcers of various stages, and dehydration at the hands of his so called ‘care givers” Mr. Thelsey L. Fuller was enrolled in Medi-cal, abandon at the convalescent hospital and left to die alone and broke.

No one mentions the condo in Playa Del Rey. Lak has a history of slandering real estate titles and not filing paper work.

Thelsey L. Fuller would have never abandoned his family and Thelsey was still seeing his wife, Edwina after they separated.  Thelsey beat Edwina’s friend, Mr. Cluster to a bloody heap…

Robert is a murderer.

Robert did crack and Doris snorted cocaine.

Robert holds himself out as being retired from the County of L. A. when he didn't actually work but, was on disability from the job for at least 15 years if not more.

Robert and Doris had Thelsey in their care for a little over a year it cost him his life. Along the way they made damn sure no one was able to see or speak to him alone.

Steven took care of Edwina for over 20 years, she was just as sick as Thelsey, possibly more so but she was cared for and lived another 2 years and 10 months after her husbands death.

If you want to know the truth, ask me.

Now this:

Elder Abuse: The Crime of the Twenty-First Century

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