24 September 2013

Mickey Rooney film

Mickey Rooney film topic of Clinton Township elder abuse seminar

Harry and Ethel Glasner’s retirement in Florida allowed them to enjoy sun and warmth for many years. But their golden years ended on a sour note for their children as the mentally deteriorated Harry was exploited out of the couple’s life savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars. The nefarious act was accomplished by a man who claimed to be his son.

Making recovery of the funds virtually impossible, “The police refused to do anything about it,” said their daughter, Pamela Glasner, 59, of Connecticut.

“It never occurred to me that my parents could be at risk, and it never occurred to me after we found out that the police’s attitude would be so lackadaisical,” she said. “Most of the time they say, ‘Oh, this is a civil matter. Go get a lawyer.’

“The perpetrator even looked at me and boasted to me about it. He said we couldn’t do anything about it.”


"Who didn't I tell?"

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