23 September 2013

Documentary Aims To Protect Seniors' MONEY!

Cassandra Spratling, Detroit Free Press12:09 a.m. EDT September 23, 2013

One out of every 20 older adults will be victim of financial exploitation, expert says.

DETROIT -- Pamela Glasner's dad had Alzheimer's disease and was living in a nursing home when her mother died.

Glasner's brother contacted officials at the home to inform them that his dad was widowed and he'd be handling his affairs. The social worker told him another brother was already doing that. Big problem — there was no other brother.

A man neither Glasner or her brother knew had befriended their father, gained access to his financial accounts and stolen his money.

Glasner wants to make sure no other family goes through that.

To help, she produced a documentary film, Last Will and Embezzlement, featuring entertainer Mickey Rooney, also a victim of financial fraud. The film, on a national tour, aims to raise awareness about financial exploitation of elderly people.


Watch the trailer here:

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