10 September 2013

Suspended Attorney Still Practicing Law!?!?!?


  1. Has this been reported to anybody? How in the world can this gleep Daniel Kristof Lak afford an office and a secretary when he can't pay his child support, has a habit of bouncing checks and doesn't pay his rent? Could it be that this is just an answering service and the service isn't aware of his situation?

    Office space in Irvine is about $20/square foot. Even if he had a small office of 375 square feet that's $7500/month. If he can't pay his rent or child support, how does he pay for that? He certainly doesn't get it from bellowing out tunes in karaoke bars. And his share of the funds stolen from Mr. Fuller must be gone by now.

    It's possible he's just renting a mail box and and answering service, but if he is still actively practicing law, this gleep should be reported to the CA state bar.

  2. Who really cares?

  3. The CA judicial community obviously doesn't care, but decent people should care. People who don't appreciate shyster lawyers enabling evil people to steal elderly people's life savings should care.

    1. Wait... the lawyers end up profiting from family disfunction.

      One of the Fuller's homes was sold today by the Court for below market value to satisfy various liens on a home that was free and clear before the greedy, abusers and thieves did what they did in order to enrich themselves.

      Now, the Fuller's 75-year-old daughter will be put out on the street.

      What one is forced to realize is that the entire system is corrupt.

      The abusers have yet to be held accountable for conspiracy, financial elder abuse, fraud, theft an undue influence.


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