26 September 2013

Ex-Cop Pleads "No Contest" Stole Father's Life Savings

A former Irwindale police officer accused of stealing his 89-year-old father’s life savings of $250,000 is expected to serve a year in jail after pleading “no contest” Tuesday to a charge of grand theft, authorities said.
Dennis Alva, 48, became a convicted felon after pleading no contest in Los Angeles Superior Court to a single count of grand theft, Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office spokeswoman Jean Guccione said.
Alva’s father, Jess Alva, said the fact that the thief was his own flesh and blood made the process difficult.
“The worst part is, him and I were so close. We used to have breakfast at least two or three times a week,” Jess Alva said. The father added he had not spoken to his son since his arrest.
“I never thought he would do such as thing. He probably thought I was senile or something.”
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Siblings Robert and Doris Fuller were found to have committed fraud, undue influence and financial elder abuse by the Court (minimum of $235,000.00).  No criminal charges have been filed, no one in law enforcement (DA) has held them accountable for their theft. Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles - BP099211, BP 118616, BP122665, BP135381. No bond has been paid, 2nd District Court of Appeal - B241450.


  1. Robert and Doris Fuller should be doing jail time along with that gleep Daniel Kristof Lak.

    1. Our politicos don't have time for petty thieves.


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