25 June 2013

Fuller Estate - Claimant Wants $124,000.00

I noticed this this morning, in red below... don't know how I missed it earlier.

Case Number:  BP135381

Documents Filed (Filing dates listed in descending order)

06/06/2013 Notice-Hearing (Probate) Filed by Attorney for Petitioner

06/05/2013 Notice-Change of Address Filed by Probate Referee

06/04/2013 Confirm Sale of Real Property

06/04/2013 Notice-Administration to Creditors Filed by Attorney for Petitioner

06/04/2013 Notice - Probate (TO DEPT OF HEALTH SERVICES OF DEATH OF EDWINA FULLER ) Filed by Attorney for Petitioner

05/31/2013 Allowance of Fees

05/29/2013 Creditor's Claim (STEVEN A. FULLER - $124,700.00 ) Filed by Claimant

Hey, Steven... haven't Shirley and Sandra gone through enough already?




  1. This claim is against the house on Belhaven? Who is living there now? What happens to them when the house is sold? Who gets the money when the house is sold? That gleape Lak is still listed as the attorney for Robert Fuller.

  2. The claim is against the estate of Mrs. Edwina J. Fuller. How the judge did a divorce from the bench I'll never be able to fathom. Half of Belhaven went to Edwina while she was still alive and the other half was place in the Thelsey S. (sic) Fuller Trust that was setup by Robert Fuller, Doris Fuller and Lak. Robert and Doris were order by the court to repay the estate of Thelsey L. Fuller in excess of $235,000.00 - with over $107,000.00 owed to Mrs. Fuller BEFORE she died, which they have failed to perform. It would appear that everyone gets paid, except Shirley and Sandra the daughters of Thelsey & Edwina. Also, Robert & Doris are still in control of 8625 S. 12th Ave, Inglewood which the court instructed them to turn over to the trustee but, instead had Doris's daughter Ijnanya set up residence at same. The police, district attorney, the court et al. have continued to look the other way.


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