10 June 2013

CALIFORNIA DOJ Strong-Arm Raid - "Low Hanging Fruit"

Exclusive: Elder Abuse Defendant Silvia Cata’s Family on Calif. DOJ Strong-Arm Raid

By Elder Abuse Exposed.com
June 10, 2013 
Summary of article:
Daughter of felony elder abuse defendant Silvia Cata alleges police misconduct and strong-arm tactics during a raid of defendant’s Sacramento elder care home by agents from California Attorney General Kamala Harris’ Department of Justice.
Outline of article:
Family of elder abuse defendant Silvia Cata alleges misconduct, strong-arm tactics during raid by agents from California DOJ’s Bureau of Medi-Cal Fraud and Elder Abuse (BMFEA).
1.  California DOJ Special Agent Tina Khang says Silvia Cata’s Feb. 2013 arrest justified.
2.  AG Kamala Harris and chief elder abuse prosecutor, Mark Zahner, selectively enforce criminal elder abuse laws against vulnerable small fry, not wealthy nursing homes.
3.  You can read more about AG Kamala Harris’ sham elder abuse “crackdown” and biased enforcement against “low hanging fruit,” like Silvia Cata.
4. Summary of Silvia Cata family’s disturbing allegations of misconduct, strong-arm tactics during California DOJ raid and arrest.
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Robert L. Fuller and his sister, Doris A. Fuller AKA Doris Fuller-Stewart [low hanging fruit] are still at large, face no criminal charges from any law enforcement agency any where.

Fuller Decision
BP 099211 
BP 122665

 June is Elder Abuse Awareness Month

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  1. Steven A. Fuller and his attorney, Teddie J. Randall failed to report $107,692.30 to the probate court that he received on behalve of the Estate of Edwina J. Fuller.

    Los Angeles Superior Court Case No. BP135381, Edwina Fuller, Decedent



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