12 February 2013

"No One Gives A $hit!"



Elder Abuse, Financial Elder Abuse, Fraud, Undue Influence, etc.

Just because the victims have died – Mr.Thelsey L. Fuller and Mrs. Edwina J. Fuller – does not mean that their abusers... Robert L. Fuller, Doris. A. Fuller, Daniel K. Lak  & Others should not be brought to Justice.  


  1. Haven't Robert and Doris been ordered by the court to pay back the funds they confiscated from the trust? And yet they haven't?

    And lak has supposedly had his law license suspended for going on a check bouncing rampage but the State Bar of CA website shows him as active.

    Our bureaucracy in action!

    1. Not only that, Mr. Lak is also facing an ACTUAL SUSPENSION: http://members.calbar.ca.gov/courtDocs/12-O-11263-2.pdf (The State Supreme Court has yet to act.)

      Mr. Thelsey L. Fuller also had an account with Wells Fargo. His retirement proceeds were withdrawn on a monthly basis from one of his bank accounts and his Social Security payments are also missing. Robert and Doris were order three years ago to give an accounting and have failed to this day.

      The court is forcing the sell on the estate property in Compton so that Robert, Doris and the attorneys can collect some more MONEY!. Thelsey and Edwina's first born now 75 years old and disabled is to be thrown out in the street.

      She has been informed to... GET OUT!

      Los Angeles Superior Court Case Number: BP135381
      Steven Fuller - Administrator (his goal has been to sell the properties from the beginning)

      The home in Inglewood is in the full and total control of Robert and Doris, it is believed that Doris's daughter, Ijnanya and others reside therein. No one is forcing the sell of that property and no one is forcing Robert and Doris to comply with the court orders.

      Then there is "The Last Will of Thelsey L. Fuller" that Mrs. Ritchey and Mrs. Arnold have not been privy too... which would have pre-dated the Trust document.

  2. That's terrible about Thelsey's daughter. Hasn't she lived in that house long enough that she can demonstrate that he wanted her to have the house? Despite any supposed trusts?

    Meanwhile Robert and Doris and that lak character are all living the life of Riley.

    1. Thelsey and Edwina's first born... She is now the target of harassment [elder abuse] by the so called probate administrator of the Estate of Edwina Fuller, Steven and his real estate agent. Los Angeles County Superior Court case BP135381

      But, he hasn't gone after the $207,000.00 that Robert and Doris were ordered to pay by the court to Edwina Fuller nor has he or his attorneys moved to remove whoever is living in the Inglewood property.

      Also, there is the LAST WILL OF THELSEY L. FULLER which Steven and his attorneys refuse to produce which predates the trust instrument.

  3. That's sad. The only people we can really count on and trust in life are family. Without family support we are alone and have nothing.

  4. Trust?

    In my last conversation with Daddy, being that I knew I would probably never speak with him again, I told him not to trust anyone.

    He replied, "I know."

    "I'm tired."

    "I'm tired."

    Days after that conversation Daddy was turned over to Pacific Palms...



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