06 February 2013

Forced Sale of Fuller Estate Asset

Forced Sale of Fuller Estate Asset
This home is currently the residence of the 75 year old disabled daughter of Thelsey L. Fuller and Edwina J. Fuller (both deceased) she being their first born.

Is she to be thrown out into the streets?

How exactly is it that a judge can order the sale of an estate asset if all of the heirs are not in agreement to sale!?

Also, Robert and Doris Fuller are still in control of 8625 S. 12th Ave, Inglewood, CA 90305, they have yet to repay the estate in excess of $235,000.00 in direct violation of the orders given by the court.

Yep, and as far as all concerned (unconcerned) are... the condo in Playa Del Rey at 8707 Falmouth Ave #308 does not exist.

The home in the photo below is posted on several real estate sites as to depict 1916 N. Belhaven Ave and listed for sale.

THIS IS NOT 1916 N. Belhaven Ave. Los Angeles CA. 90059

1916 N. Belhaven Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90059


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