25 February 2013

"a couple pair of shoes"

No wardrobe?

17 Q All right. The second item there says, "The
18 personal property located at 16219 South Bradfield
19 Avenue in Compton."
20 Do you see that?
21 A Yes.
22 Q Did your father leave any personal property,
23 have any personal property at your house?
24 A He had some movies, and some clothes, and a
25 watch, and his television -- a small N.
Page 54

1 Q Were the household furniture and furnishings
2 yours?
3 A Yes.
4 Q Did he own any household furniture and
5 furnishings?
6 A Yes.
7 Q Were they at the 12th Street property?
8 A Yes.
9 Q Is there any personal property that belongs to
10 your property at Bradfield right now?
11 A Yes.
12 Q And what is that?

13 A His -- a couple pair of shoes, his bathrobe,
14 his shaver, a suit, and a watch.

15 Q Take a look at Item No. 4. It says -- it
16 simply says, "The Citibank account."
17 A Uh-huh.
18 Q Did your father have more than one Citibank
19 account? Do you know?
20 A I don't know.
21 Q Did you ever take him to Citibank to bank?
22 A A couple of times.
23 Q "A couple," as in two?
24 A Two or three times.
25 Q Have you received any of your father's property
Page 55

1 or any of the items that are listed here in this trust

2 since his death?
3 A Have I received?
4 Q I'll be specific.
5 Have you received anything from the Citibank
6 account since your father's death?
7 A No.


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