15 February 2013

Constant Victim

We live in a cruel abandoned society. The police, the Courts, Hospitals, Drug companies, Lawyers, long term care facilities, and the relatives of the old and disabled are the enemies now. God forbid you worked and saved your whole life saving money for a rainey day as our parents taught us rightly to do but now you are a target for all of them. They all want their piece of the action, they want your money, your insurance money, they want your home you worked your life to pay for. Beware the relatives first as they will be the ones to come to help, themselves!! 

I have seen it way too many times and heard more horror stories than I care to remember. They are the helpless, the sick, the old, the targets of new society against the old, and like cowards they only come when you are down and can not defend yourself. 

My friends mother became ill and was hospitalized for a month. Her daughter came from far away to help herself to what she could and soon had her mother sign over executor of her estate with the guize of helping her sick mother and make GOOD decisions for her health. 

This poor woman was now at the mercey of her daughter and soon found that she was only interested in getting every last pennie she had saved her whole life. Her daughter hired a family friend, haha, a Lawyer who soon had legal documents stateing she could not take care of herself at home. When she was ready, well enough to go home and so much wanting the comfort of her home that she had made for 30 years or more of her life she was denied, it was NOT her choice anymore. She was sent to an old age home to a small room with nothing except the cold, clean sterile walls of the institution she was now confined to. 

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