22 February 2013

California Attorney General Kamala Harris’ Elder Abuse “Crackdown”

California Attorney General Kamala Harris’ Elder Abuse “Crackdown” Hits Small Fries, Spares Wealthy Nursing Home Owners

By Elder Abuse Exposed.com
February 22, 2013

Summary of article:

California Attorney General Kamala D. Harris and her chief elder abuse prosecutor in the Department of Justice, Deputy Attorney General Mark L. Zahner, are prosecuting a Sacramento small-fry caregiver for elder abuse and manslaughter after the death last year of an 88-year-old woman who suffered severe bedsores and sepsis but spare a wealthy, politically connected, corporate-owned nursing home.
Outline of article:

1.  Attorney General Kamala Harris filed felony elder abuse and manslaughter charges last week against a Sacramento elder caregiver.

2.  Elder abuse expert says disparity in AG Harris’ elder abuse prosecutions is biased against small-fry criminals, spares corporate-owned nursing homes.

3.  Elderly victim died from sepsis due to neglected bed sores, says Justice Department’s go-to medical consultant, Dr. Kathryn Locatell.

4.  DOJ’s first-ever manslaughter case against elder caregiver follows AG Harris’ plan last year to crack down on elder abuse.

5.  AG Harris’ bogus elder abuse “crackdown” is a sham and publicity stunt, says Elder Abuse Exposed.com.

6.  AG Kamala Harris files elder abuse charges against “low-hanging fruit,” not wealthy nursing home owners.
7.  Defendant in AG Kamala Harris’ first-ever manslaughter case against elder caregiver is a vulnerable small fry.

8.  DOJ relies on its medical consultant, Dr. Kathryn Locatell, to write reports justifying criminal prosecutions against non-wealthy easy pickings.

9.  Kathryn Locatell wrote a DOJ-requested “medical report” contradicting a DOJ special agent’s recommendation to prosecute elder neglect in a wealthy, politically connected nursing home.

10. State nursing home inspectors, DOJ special agent, and emergency medical services (EMS) expert found nursing home neglect during elderly patient’s emergency and death.

11. DOJ Bureau of Medi-Cal Fraud and Elder Abuse (BMFEA) special agent who recommended criminal elder abuse prosecution is highly qualified, veteran EMS expert.

12. Deputy AG Melissa Biederman rejected DOJ BMFEA special agent and EMS expert’s recommendation to prosecute elder neglect in a wealthy, politically connected nursing home.

13. Kathryn Locatell wrote Mark Zahner-requested “medical report” contradicting a CDPH class “B” citation and fine, DOJ special agent’s crime report, nursing case law, and CPR standards.

14. DOJ’s chief elder abuse prosecutor, Mark Zahner, relied on Dr. Locatell’s “report” to reject DOJ BMFEA special agent’s recommendation to prosecute nursing home neglect.

15. Responding to Kamala Harris’ bogus “crackdown” on nursing home abuse, Elder Abuse Exposed.com exposes facts about Harris, BMFEA, Mark Zahner, and Kathryn Locatell.

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  1. Elder Abuse prosecutions are a joke in California for the most part.

    Robert Lewis Fuller, Doris Aleda Fuller a.k.a. Doris Fuller Stewart & Daniel Kristof Lak et al. are still at large.

    It is believed and the records shows that they committed all sorts of elder abuse fuckry on Mr. Thelsey L. Fuller, his wife Edwina J. Fuller and the Fuller Family.

  2. It's bad enough when ordinary citizens break the law, but when attorneys think they are above the laws that they are supposed to uphold, that is especially sinful.

  3. How does an employed lawyer pay for an office (if he actually has one and it's not just a P.O. box), afford the mortgage or rent (unless he is a squatter), afford child support payments and afford to drive an expensive car?

    1. Easy... just as long as they aren't caught or the Bar looks the other way.

      Now this:
      LINDA NELL LOWNEY [#83670], 61, of Pacifica was disbarred Sept. 8, 2012

      A State Bar Court hearing judge recommended in 2011 that Lowney be disbarred after she married her elderly client shortly before he died and misappropriated his savings of nearly $340,000. The court’s review department rejected her argument that she did not commit any acts of moral turpitude, including misappropriating the money. Instead, a three-judge panel wrote, “In simple terms, Lowney took financial advantage of a sick, elderly client – conduct the hearing judge rightly called ‘heartless and egregious.’”

      Lowney was 54 when she became romantically involved with her 81-year-old client, Thor Tollefsen, who suffered from emphysema and terminal cancer. She had earlier prepared a will and revocable trust that left the client’s assets to his sister, who lived in Norway, and her children. Tollefsen later amended his will to remove his sister as beneficiary and left the bulk of his estate to his nieces.

      He transferred to Lowney almost $340,000 held at Franklin Templeton Investment. Tollefsen’s nieces believed the money was to be used to care for their uncle and any unused money would be returned to the trust. Lowney said she verbally told Tollefsen to consult with another lawyer, but put nothing in writing.

      Read more:


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