08 October 2012

"Why I Became A Prosecutor—To Help People"


October 1, 2012

Dear Friends,

This was another successful week for the campaign.  I was interviewed for the Los Angeles Sentinel, a local Iranian radio station, an Armenian television station and KCRW radio.  I secured the endorsements of U.S. Congresswoman Maxine Waters and Bert and Jane Boeckmann, owners of Galpin Ford and respected community leaders.  I participated in a news conference with Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and several council members.  I was the keynote speaker at the Urban Issues Breakfast Forum and attended a celebration of 50 years of service by the Gooden Center in Pasadena, which treats men who are addicted to alcohol and drugs.  We also had eight very successful fundraising events this week.

While running through this fast-paced schedule, I took a detour.  It ultimately led me to rediscover why I became a prosecutor - to help people.  I made a late scheduled stop at the Senior Center in Pan Pacific Park.  I arrived in the afternoon while the staff was serving coffee and muffins to about 50 senior citizens.  I slowed down enough to watch as some of our most precious residents interacted with each other.  I love seniors and instinctively want to shield them from harm.  They worked so hard and deserve to be protected from unscrupulous scam artist trying to swindle them out of their savings.  Instead of my campaign stump speech, I took another detour.  I shared the story of my 75-year old mother who received a call from a “police officer” telling her to wire money overseas to bail her grandson out of jail.  The caller told her not to tell anyone.  The problem was her grandson wasn’t in jail and the caller wasn’t a police officer ��� but a crook.  One senior in the audience replied, “Hey, that’s what happened to me!”  I told them that as their next District Attorney, I would prosecute cases involving financial fraud and other abuse against elders. When I finished my remarks, the room erupted in applause and I felt like I had made a difference.  It is this feeling that reminds me why I have devoted my entire professional life to being a prosecutor.  The seniors thanked me and sent me on my way with two pumpkin-spiced muffins, a cup of coffee and a promise to vote for me for District Attorney.

We are only 36 days away from the November 6, 2012, election.  Please take a little detour from your busy schedule today and help us to spread the word about this important election.  Visit our website at www.jackielacey.com or click here to donate to the campaign.

Your candidate,

Jackie Lacey


30 November 2012 -- Jackie Lacey won the election on November 6, 2012 for District Attorney for the County of Los Angeles, the links above have been disabled by her campaign.

Jackie Lacey Tells of Ad Libbing Remarks at Seniors Center


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