29 October 2012

CSUF Hosts Violence Prevention Conference

Students and faculty gathered in the Titan Student Union at Cal State Fullerton Saturday to attend the 13th annual Violence Prevention Conference that reported on trends in elder abuse.

This year’s conference, titled Voices of the Victims: Abuse Across the Lifespan, featured a host of speakers that included Orange County Superior Court Judge Nancy Wieben Stock, community educator Robert Diaz, and authors Julia Chadwell and Alyce La Violette, who have both written about domestic violence.

Also included this year was a panel on elder abuse, which included experts Cristi Dugger of Human Options, Joyce Riley from Orange County Adult Protective Services, Erin Tinoco of the Anaheim City Attorney’s Department and detective Cherie Hill of the Anaheim Police Department.

The panel pointed out that although elder abuse may not be as well known of an issue as other types of domestic abuse, it is still very prevalent.

“This is a huge problem. They just did a study and they found that every year, one in ten seniors about 65 or older are victims of abuse,” Dugger said.

Dugger also said that in cases of people with dementia, the study showed that one in every two suffered abuse.

It was mentioned that a majority of elder abuse comes from within the family, meaning that more batterers are typically members of the victim’s family...

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