06 October 2012

California Court of Appeal Case Notification for: B241452

The following transaction has occurred in:
Conservatorship of Edwina Fuller v. Fuller et al.
Case: B241452 2nd District, Division p

Date (YYYY-MM-DD):  2012-10-05
Event Description:  Record on appeal filed. 
C-1, R-1 

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Defendants, Robert L. Fuller and Doris A. Fuller appeals
were dismissed by the Court on 08/25/2012 per rule 8.140(b).

As to the defendant’s motion for reinstatement the defendants
have a history of using delaying tactics in order to prevent
these cases against them from coming to a timely conclusion.

Their attorney, Daniel K. Lak has asked for and received 
continuance after continuance after continuance with the 
Superior Court, has a history of not filing documents with
the Court in a timely manner, erroneously filling paperwork
or not filling all of it as in this case.  

Daniel K. Lak filed Notice of Appeal and notified the 
Plaintiffs via the US Postal Service when he very well knew
Plaintiffs were represented by Council.  

Defendants, Robert L. Fuller and Doris A. Fuller aka Doris 
Fuller-Stewart were ordered in Los Angeles Superior Court
to pay all of Plaintiffs’ attorney fees, which they have 
failed to perform.  

Robert L. Fuller and Doris A. Fuller-Stewart were also
ordered to turn over all Trust assets to the Court Trustee,
Attorney Patrick J. Barnitt, which they have also failed 
to perform in direct violation of the decision rendered
by the lower Court.

But, instead turned over a Trust asset, the real estate
located at 8625 S. 12th Avenue, Inglewood, CA. 90305 
to an unknown entity in direct defiance of the lower 
Court’s order.
The defendants, Robert L. Fuller and Doris A. Fuller were
also ordered to pay Conservatee Edwina J. Fuller in excess
of $107,000.00 which they have failed to perform. 

I also understand and am led to believe that the defendants,
Robert L. Fuller and Doris A. Fuller are under investigation
by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department in reference
to the possible filing of criminal charges in association
with their elder abuse, fraud, undue influence and financial
elder abuse.

In regards to Appeal Case B241452, the Conservatorship of
Edwina J. Fuller v. Fuller et al., LASC BP099211, attorney
Daniel Lak improperly served the Notice of Appeal to the
wrong opposing attorney.

Atty. Sandra Anderson left the case a very long time ago
as the attorney for the Conservatee Mrs. Edwina J. Fuller
and was replaced by Attorney Sybil Burrell which Mr. Lak
is or should have reasonably been aware of when he filed
his clients Notice of Appeal.  

Therefore, the defendants Appeal should be denied with 
prejudice and remanded to the lower court as I believe
that the defendants and their attorney are making a 
mockery of the Court with their frivolous assertions.

See also: B241450
PVP Attorney's Report

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