01 August 2014

Robert Stella, elder abuse case update

Restraining order filed against alleged perpetrator

By Pat Sherman
A civil court judge has granted a five-year restraining order against Victoria Turner, the woman accused of abusing 91-year-old La Jolla resident Robert Stella.
As reported in La Jolla Light in March, Stella was removed from his home on Avenida de las Pescas, which the family alleges estranged wife Turner filled with trash, clutter and stray animals — including a dead cat animal control found in the bathroom and a Chihuahua found in the freezer.
The family claims Turner denied Stella food and water, and at times tied him to the bed. Turner later donned a disguise to sneak into the residential care facility where Stella was on the mend. Surveillance cameras captured her attempting to have Stella sign what appeared to be legal documents.
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Elder Abuse Case, Specialized Unit Is Investigating

Officials are investigating allegations of elder abuse and animal neglect going on behind the front gates of a million-dollar home in an exclusive San Diego community.

New Twist, Abuser Helluva Bold

New twists are coming to light in the investigation of suspected animal neglect and elder abuse at a million-dollar La Jolla home.

Investigation continues, 90-year-old Robert Stella of La Jolla, alleged victim

Stella’s granddaughter, Emily Criscuolo, said that when the family had Stella removed from his home in February and transferred to a local senior care facility, he was disoriented, malnourished and dehydrated with severe bedsores. 

Abuser dons disquise, update on Robert Stella

Elder Abuse Suspect Dons Disguise to Get Close to Victim

Caught on camera: Estranged wife of elderly La Jolla resident was armed with a pen and legal docs, family said.

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