31 August 2014

The Fuller's many cases

Los Angeles County Superior Court Cases
BP099211, BP118616, BP122665,  BP135381

BP099211 Conservatorship Edwina Fuller

BP122665 Challenge to the Trust Admendment - Thelsey L. Fuller Trust

BP118616 Probate Thelsey L. Fuller

BP135381 Probate Edwina J. Fuller

2nd District Court of Appeal Cases

These cases are also about attorneys extending these cases in order to enrich themselves, not acting properly and doing the bidding of Steven A. Fuller.

Had Atty. Sandra Jones Anderson and Atty. Daniel Kristof Lak did their jobs and placed Mr. Thelsey L. Fuller on the witness stand or had he been deposed the initial case i.e. the issue at hand, "What Mr. Thelsey L. Fuller wanted for his [alleged] children and his estate," the case would have been over in 2008.

But, instead the Trust and the Trust beneficiaries have lost the Trust assets estimated at $900,000.00 to attorneys & others.

Randall & Associates [Atty. Teddie J. Randall] appears to have attached his name to the appeal case in order to bill for services. He vehemently let it be known that he was not an appeal attorney and that he would not be representing Ms. Arnold but, instead left his name attached to Ms Ritchey.

Atty. Sandra Jones Anderson has attached her attorney fees to the Trust when the Trust litigation had nothing to do with her what so ever.

Each and every attorney involved in the various court cases, save Atty. Sybil Burrell, should have each and every of their actions scrutinized by those charged with protecting our elders from elder abuse financial elder abuse and as a template as to the what to look for when attorneys inflate their legal fees for self enrichment and to realize a pecuniary advantage over their clients.

"This Ain't No Game Show!" ~ BAM!

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