30 May 2014

Complaints Against Attorneys LASC BP099211 et al

Dear Mr. Randall,

Please be advised that your client rejects and objects to the appointment of Tala R. Davis as Successor Trustee in regards to the Thelsey L. Fuller Trust, LASC BP 122 665.



When you notify your attorney that you are opposed to an action and they carry it out anyway, where do you turn?


Attorney Randall was notified that his clients opposed Tala R. Davis being appointed Successor Trustee.  

1. Refused to return telephone calls

2. Refused to respond to emails

3. Refused to respond to faxes

4. Refused to respond to US Mail

5. Colluded with Steven in the court cases

6. Failed to collect attorney fees from Robert & Doris in a timely manner as ordered by the Court

7. Went after the Estate of Thelsey L. Fuller two and a half years later for attorney fees.

8. Failed to disclose all documents in the case to client, full and complete copies and disclosures.

9. Conflict of interest.

Steven A. Fuller with the help of attorneys Barnitt & Fitzgerald sold a trust real estate asset below fair market value which constitutes financial elder abuse.

A complaint of elder abuse, financial elder abuse has been filed against Steven A. Fuller.

Probate Notes

Department    LA    11     Court Convened at:    08:30 AM    06/05/2014
Honorable Lesley C. Green 
Connie Hudson , Deputy County Clerk     , Deputy Sheriff 
Paula Renteria CSR 9374 , Reporter

BP122665       1010     FULLER, THELSEY L. - TRUST     
Trust Proceedings  

Petitioner(s): Fuller, Steven  

Attorney(s): Randall, Teddie J., Esq.  

Continuance Number:     Continuance From:

Last Date Changed: Thursday, May 29, 2014 12:08 PM

Last Note Changed By: MOSBORNE

To clear probate notes "filed documents" must be submitted to Rm 429, within time frames set forth in Rule 4.4 (b) of LASC Rules. You may contact the Probate Attorney or Probate Examiner whose E-Mail address appears at the end of these notes, subject to compliance with all conditions governing the use of Interactive E-Mail. E-mail Rules are available on the Court's web site at www.LASuperiorCourt.org.

This is an ex parte application presented on 4/24/14 and set for this 6/5/14 hearing

Petnr is trust bene
tr juris ok
30 days ntc ok

Tala R. Davis' consent to act as succr tee attached to petition.

OTHER CASES: Petnr is admr of estate of Edwina Fuller (Thelsey Fuller's predecd) in BP135381. Edwina Fuller's previous cshp proceeding at BP099211.

FACTS: Per 2/17/12 Court order, Robert Fuller was removed as succr tee of the trust, effective immediately and was ordered to turn-over all papers that concern the trust and property belonging to the trust. Patrick Barnitt was appointed succr tee w/bond of $350,000.

Petnr alleges that on 4/14/14, petnr was advised by Jeanne Fitzgerald, atty for Patrick Barnitt, that her client had resigned as succr tee and she would no longer serve as his attorney.

Petnr alleges that on 4/3/14, the trust sold its one-half interest in R/P located at 1916 North Belhaven Avenue, Los Angeles, by Court confirmation (the other one-half interest is owned by the Estate of Edwina Fuller was sold separately). Petnr alleges escrow is waiting to close on each interest and a succr tee must be appointed to address the pending escrow and other trust matters.

A. What is proposed amount of bond for Tala R. Davis as succr tee? - supp reqd
B. What is current status of escrow? - supp reqd

1. JTD appointing Tala R. Davis as succr tee of the Thelsey L. Fuller Trust
2. JTD bond

PA COMMENTS: See remaining note. No objs filed as of 5/29/14 probate atty review. Patrick J. Barnitt's petn for resignation and reimbursement of trustee's out-of-pocket expenditures filed 5/16/14 and set for hrg on 9/8/14

mosborne@lasuperiorcourt.org MO(5/29)

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