31 May 2014

Plot to remove Atty. Patrick J Barnitt as Successor Trustee

It is alleged that Steven A. Fuller and Atty. Teddie J. Randall engaged in activities and actions in order to remove Atty. Patrick J. Barnitt as Successor Trustee long before Atty. Barnitt decided to resign.

It was over a full year that Fuller and Randall decided that Atty. Barnitt should be removed.

Obviously, Atty. Barnitt as the Successor Trustee was not moving fast enough to facilitate the illegal sale of the real estate assets belonging to the Thelsey L. Fuller Trust.

Where Atty. Barnitt went astray was in agreeing to sell the Trust 50% interest in 1916 below fair market value and that my friends is when the State Bar of California was notified via a complaint against attorneys.

Once the complaint was filed and Atty. Barnitt was notified of its content then and only then did he desire to resign as Successor Trustee.

So, now Steven A. Fuller is in need of another Successor Trustee that will rubber stamp his designs for the Thelsey L. Fuller Trust and why he sought out Atty. Tala R. Davis an attorney with ties to Atty. Teddie J. Randall.

And this my friends is why Steven A. Fuller has not been able to sell the real estate asset located at 8625 which belongs to the Trust nor close escrow on 1916.

It must be noted that Atty. Jonnie Hilda Johnson-Parker turned them down.

72   11/08/2012   TJR   "Phone conversation with SF regarding removing Barnitt..."
84   12/12/2012   TJR   "Discuss with SF and prepared Resignation of Successor..."

No discussion with with clients Ritchey, Arnold... hm?

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Case Number:  BP122665
Filing Date:  05/18/2010
Case Type:  Trust Proceedings (General Jurisdiction)
Status:  Pending

What is needed is an open, honest and fair person to serve as Successor Trustee of the Thelsey L. Fuller Trust, not some flunky that will do Steven A. Fuller and his various attorneys bidding.

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