03 May 2014

Thelsey's $1,000.00 per month to each, save one

Mr. Thelsey L. Fuller was giving his adult children $1,000.00 per month prior to October 2007, SAVE ONE.

From my communication with him over the telephone he related that he was giving them $1,000.00 each except for Steven A. Fuller.

Steven A. Fuller was receiving the total sum of ZERO.  Hm?

I asked him why he did it at the time because he was complaining that when ever he needed help they expected to be paid.

I asked him why he did it and he told me because he had it.

So, I told him not to do it anymore and he cut them off.

That would have been about the same time that he had asked me if I were ever coming home and I told him that since he asked, "No." That conversation would have been around Thanksgiving 2007. I then had a blow up with the family.

It is through the relationship that I had with my grandfather that Steven A. Fuller through David Lewin, LASC BP118616 was able to determine which bank records would be relevant in the court cases moving through Los Angles Superior Court.

When my declaration was made Mr. Thelsey L. Fuller was still alive.

Also, I find it odd that Steven A. Fuller nor his attorney, Sandra Jones Anderson, SBN #93456 found it necessary to place Mr. Thelsey L. Fuller on the witness stand for 15 month but, instead before Atty. Anderson did anything in regards to the court cases found it necessary to to place liens on Mr. Thelsey L. Fuller's real estate.

Mr. Thelsey L. Fuller was never asked or answered any question by either party's attorney, Sandra Jones Anderson for the plaintiff - Steven A. Fuller; Daniel K. Lak for the defendants. Mr. Thelsey L. Fuller was never placed under oath and asked what he wanted.  Litigants had 15 months to take advantage of the opportunity to do just that but, failed to do so.  Hmm?

It must be noted that in my opinion Steven A. Fuller is far worse than Robert and Doris.  Steven is a wolf in sheep's clothing and he doesn't care who he bites in the ass.

The family knew or had every reason to believe that Mr. Thelsey L. Fuller's real estate assets would be required to be sold in order to satisfy Steven A. Fuller's attorneys' lust for MONEY! 

We never imagined that Steven A. Fuller and the various attorneys that he had contact with in the several cases would collude and conspire in order to sell Thelsey L. Fuller's Trust assets far below fair market value - a blatant case of FINANCIAL ELDER ABUSE against Steven A. Fuller's siblings [Shirley, Sandra, Robert & Doris].  The reason we believe that the Belhaven Ave. property was sold below fair market value was in order to speed up the selling of the asset thus depriving Robert and Doris their 50% interest in the asset should they prevail on appeal.

Steven A. Fuller has even gone so far as to threaten, intimidate, coerce, manipulate and deceive his two sisters, Shirley & Sandra into signing documents against their will in order for Attorney Teddie J. Randall to attach his attorney fees to the Trust. Yeah, he and his attorney Mr. Randall knowing full well that they were informed of Ms. Arnold's Attorney-In-Fact in regards to the court cases and the Thelsey L. Fuller Trust.

Steven A. Fuller is currently in the process of attempting to have an attorney with ties to Teddie J. Randall's office to be appointed by the court as Successor Trustee in order to complete his sinister designs on Mr. Thelsey L. Fuller's Trust assets.

Teddie J. Randall, SBN #091433   

"3681 Crenshaw Blvd., Los Angeles, CA. 90016-4849"

It gets deeper...

Formal complaints have been lodged against several attorneys in the court cases.  Attorney Teddie J. Randall has also been compliant with and in agreement with the desires of Steven A. Fuller in direct conflict with the directions and concerns of his other clients in the Trust matter, Shirley and Sandra [selling of the Trust asset below fair market value].   Teddie Randall has attached his attorney fees to the Trust vs. going after the defendants for payment as order by the court.

A complaint against Partick J. Barnitt with the California State Bar, we believe prevented the Inglewood asset from being sold far below fair market value and Mr. Barnitt's desire to resign as Successor Trustee.

As of this writing a formal complaint of elder abuse, financial elder abuse has been lodged against Steven A. Fuller with Los Angeles County Adult Protective Services [don't hold your breath].

Mr. Thelsey L. Fuller would have never disinherited Shirley or Sandra, the same can not be said of Steven A. Fuller.

Steven A. Fuller doesn't care who he stabs in the back, after all he sued his alleged father and colluded with the various attorneys to sell Thelsey L. Fuller's Trust assets below fair market value.  We believe that makes him far worse than the defendants.

If anyone wants to know the truth all they need do is ask.

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Department    LA    5     Court Convened at:    08:30 AM    09/11/2013
Honorable Mitchell L. Beckloff
M. Dewey , Deputy County Clerk     M. Manskar , Deputy Sheriff
Linda Biche, CSR 3359 , Reporter

BP135381       1002     FULLER, EDWINA - DECEDENT  
Letters of Administr

Petitioner(s): Fuller, Steven

Attorney(s): Randall, Teddie J., Esq.

Continuance Number: 2     Continuance From: Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Last Date Changed: Wednesday, September 4, 2013 11:42 AM

Last Note Changed By: PSHIRREF

To clear probate notes "filed documents" must be submitted to Rm 429, within time frames set forth in Rule 4.4 (b) of LASC Rules. You may contact the Probate Attorney or Probate Examiner whose E-Mail address appears at the end of these notes, subject to compliance with all conditions governing the use of Interactive E-Mail. E-mail Rules are available on the Court's web site at www.LASuperiorCourt.org.

PRIOR ORDERS: Cont to 9/11/13 < Petns for trust and consvrshp may be filed and set for hearing date below >; 7/31/13

Petn filed 6/4/13


OTHER CASES: BP 099211 (Consorshp of Edwina Fuller); BP 118616 (Estate of Thelsey Fuller); BP 122665 (Thelsey Fuller Trust)

1916 North Belhaven Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90059 (undivided 50% interest)
APN: 6134-030-040


O/B 76,625
A 97,500 (appraisal) 79, 262 (reppraisal)
S 72,500
C 5% exclusively to Gilleran Griffin Realtors
B Current is 6,000; requests addt'l 67,000


Ntc to buyer Enduravest Partners, LLC ok
Ntc (incl spec ntc Kathleen Hazan, Esq. and William George) ok
Exposure to market ok
Pub ok
SUPP filed 9/4/13 - r/p sale should go forward; there is no stay order in the pending appeal
OBJECTOR Shirley Carol Ritchey
ATTORNEY Anthony P. Martin, Esq.

Objr is daughter

ARGUMENT: Objr is 75 y.o. and has been permanently disabled since 1999; diagnosed with lupus in 1998. Objr currently resides in the subject r/p. Objr alleges she was allowed to live rent-free on the r/p with the consent of her parents. In 7/03, she began paying rent of 300/mo; rent was used for decd's care. Objr paid rent on a regular basis until 7/12. Objs to sale of r/p; argues that it is premature bc debts and expenses of admin have yet to be fully determined. Consorshp proceedings have not yet terminated, so the interest in the r/p remains titled in name of consorshp. Thus, petnr is not in a position to sell the interest in the r/p. Petnr as consor obtained a judgment against Thelsey Fuller in amount of 107,692.30; the order is on appeal. Acct in consorshp was continued from 7/16/13 to 12/2/13 in D-11.

A) Prayer for relief is unclear re Thelsey Fuller Revocable Trust r/p - what is specifically prayed for? supp required to state specific prayer
1) JTD confirm sale - COMMENT: defer pending clearing of note A (reappraisal)

2) OBJS/JTD vacate sale - COMMENT: rec DWOP; there is no sale to vacate
3) OBJ/SJTD deny confirmation of sale
4) OBJS/JTD prohibit sale until:
a) consorshp is terminated
b) appeal matters have been resolved
c) r/p belonging to Thelsey L. Fuller Revocable Trust, dtd 7/23/08, located at 8625 S. 12th Avenue, Inglewood ___________ - see note A for objs

PA COMMENTS: See objs and prior orders; NOTE: Decl filed 7/30/13 by Patrick Barnitt, as succ tee of the Thelsey L. Fuller Revocable Trust, states that he authorizes the sale of the trust's 50% interest in the subject r/p to be sold concurrently with the 50% by the estate. Such request cannot be granted, as the petition is to sell the estate's 50% interest. No ntc to tr benes of intention to sell trust's interest.

PS 6/27/13 7/29/13 9/4/13

Order to be Prepared By     Clerk:     Attorney:

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