19 January 2014

Trust Asset Listing No Longer Active

The property you are searching for is no longer an active listing.
8625 South 12TH Avenue, Inglewood, CA

8625 South 12TH Avenue, Inglewood, CA

0 bedrooms
MLS #/Web ID: 13662051


Thelsey S. Fuller Trust (sic) set to lose over $545,800.00


  1. That's too bad. The crooks always seem to win.

    1. The Successor Trustee & Others would appear to be running scared which is why the property was taken off of the market.

      It was listed for at least $100,000.00 below fair market value when it was listed -- $249,000.00.

      It's worth even more today than it was before that fact was brought to the attention of the Successor Trustee and the Trustee Attorney.

      Not even the Abusers want the property to be sold at a loss to the Trust.

      All involved are becoming a little shell-shocked now being that they don't want to get blasted on the Internet for their actions.

      As well they should be if they are not above reproach.


      So, the question remains:

      What was the Successor Trustee’s motivation to offer the Trust asset for sell at a loss of $100,000.00 dollars to the Trust without consulting with ALL of the Trust beneficiaries, first?



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