31 January 2014

Friday Night Fights, In Case You Missed It

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Kevin Watts (3-0-2k) of Lancaster, one half of the Watts twinscontinues to improve as he boxed and brawled his way to his 4th straight win, dropping the game Julian Cruz of Acapulco, Mex. With a sharp right hand in the third round. Cruz tried his damndest, but couldn't match Watts in skill, speed or power.
Kevin Watts blasts Cruz in their draw.
Kevin Watts blasts Cruz in match
.Tevin Watts (1-0) brawled his way to a draw over 4rds.
Telvin Watts has Lopez in check.
Tevin Watts has Lopez in check.
Against Gustavo Lopez (0-1)of King City Az. Lopez introduced Tevin to the rougher side of pro boxing as he hardly gave the more skilled Tevin to establish a rhythm with his mauling anything goes attitude. He head butted Watts in the 2nd(I guess by accident) and roughed Tevin up enough to make him fight his style. Tevin landed the cleaner, harder shots. The scores were: 39-37 Watts, 38-38 and 38-38. 
Telvin's textbook righthand
Tevin’s textbook right hand

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