03 February 2014

Elder Abuse in the LBGT Community

Unique factors for LGBT older adults

For LGBT older adults, there are additional risk factors and forms of abuse:

A transgender person’s caregiver may not call them by their preferred name or pronoun or may not allow the elder to dress or wear their hair as they wish. This is elder abuse.

A same-sex couple may not be permitted to live together in a healthcare or housing facility. This is elder abuse.

A partner may not be allowed to show public affection for, or even visit, their partner in a nursing or long-term care facility. This is elder abuse.

The family of a deceased partner may ignore a Will and take the possessions of the deceased partner, leaving the surviving partner penniless and homeless. This is elder abuse.

Until there is full marriage equality, the state or federal government may tax the inheritance that a surviving partner receives because the government does not recognize their marriage. This is elder abuse.

Greater risk for LGBT seniors

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Love the sinner more than you hate the sin.

Elder abuse is a crime.

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