21 February 2014

Pair Sentenced in Elder Abuse Case, 20 years

"Wiggins and Nesmith deprived Wiggins’s mother, 68-year-old Caroline Louise Thomas, of food and water and withheld her necessary medications, evidence showed.

Wiggins and Nesmith also removed the window air-conditioning unit and boarded up the windows to the room where Thomas spent most of her time, evidence showed.

In addition, they routinely spent Thomas’s Social Security checks which were electronically deposited into her bank account. The defendants immediately drained the account by withdrawing large sums in cash, evidence showed."

Read the entire article: Pair Sentenced in Elder Abuse Case

Let's Review Mr. Thelsey L. Fuller's Pressure Ulcers

"FOLLOW THE $$$$$!"

Highlighted on this blog, Mr. Fuller was 92-years-old. 

How are his abusers still able to thumb their noses at the Courts? 

"Turn over all Trust assets" - which they have refused to perform.

The abusers have yet to be charged with anything???


  1. The Wiggins and Nesmith case took place in Georgia, where they probably believe in right and wrong. Here in California, the authorities have more important concerns, such as building bullet trains to nowhere, banning plastic bags, releasing prisoners from jail and protecting the Delta smelt.

    1. Misplaced priorities as it's always been.


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