25 January 2014


California 2nd District Court of Appeal
B241450 Fuller vs. Fuller et al.


Robert and Doris have admitted and agreed that they owe Edwina $107,692.30 - BP099211, BP122665 before anyone is paid anything as found and ordered by the court.

Why haven't they been forced to pay these monies in order for their appeal to move forward?

Robert and Doris mention "the assets of the Trust which are rightfully theirs under the Trust" in their Ex Parte Application, dated January 24, 2014.

They fail to mention in their Ex Parte Application that they were found by the Court to have committed "fraud" and "financial elder abuse."

Nor, have they been ordered to do an accounting of the Thelsey L. Fuller Trust while in their control.

We believe that the lower court cases should have been consolidated years ago to save tax payers, the Court and the litigants an awful lot of time and money thus reducing of all things the attorneys' fees.

Those cases are in Los Angeles County Superior Court: BP099211, BP118616, BP122665, BP135381

We've got our nerve but, not $107,692.30 worth that Robert & Doris still owe to Mom or the over $308,000.00 that they stole once combined.

"He was sharp." Doris Aleda Fuller

Robert & Doris claim they did not commit undue influence?

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