02 March 2013

Family Seeks Millions

Family seeks millions in Emeritus elder abuse trial

The plaintiffs' lawyer asked a jury Friday to award $3 million to $5 million for pain and suffering to the family of a woman who, they claim, incurred bedsores in an Auburn assisted living facility that contributed to her death.
Attorney Lesley Ann Clement said that Joan Boice, 82, "suffered from the neglect" of Emeritus at Emerald Hills for the 156 days she lived there before she was transferred to a nearby nursing home where she died in February 2009.
Boice's family charged in the wrongful death and elder abuse lawsuit against Seattle-based Emeritus, the largest assisted living facility in the United States, that the company's drive for profits has resulted in an understaffed, undertrained workforce that was not prepared to care for the woman.
"She wasn't just their mother," Clement told the Sacramento Superior Court jury. "She represents everyone's mother."
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