16 March 2013

Fake "Last Will of Thelsey S. Fuller" [sic]

This is not Mr. Thelsey L. Fuller's original will... period, point blank.

It is a fabrication by Robert L. Fuller, Doris A. Fuller a.k.a. Doris Fuller Stewart and Daniel K. Lak.

Simply put, any legal workings by Daniel K. Lak on behalf of and or for Mr. Thelsey L. Fuller from May 2008 forward are fictitious and do not reflect Mr. Fuller's actual intentions but instead were used to facilitate criminal acts so that his abusers could realize a pecuniary advantage over a sickly 92-year-old man.

Going as far as to say that Mr. Thelsey L. Fuller was not married.  

Testifying in court that Thelsey was married to Odessa Gaines lying right from the start.

Knowing full well that Thelsey and Odessa maintained separate bedrooms as they had from the start of their relationship.

"1.1.  Marital Status.  I am not currently married."

The attorney that drew up Daddy's original Will which would have been put into effect circa 2003 - 2007 -- i.e.,  before Robert, Doris and Daniel K. Lak produced the counterfeit Will below and began committing their various criminal acts... that Will must be brought to the light.

My prayer is that the authorities get off their lazy asses, arrest and prosecute those that committed fraud, theft, undue influence, financial elder abuse, elder abuse and against Mr. Thelsey L. Fuller, Mrs. Edwina J. Fuller and their loved ones.

The news media could help as well by simply questioning the powers that be as to their failure to prosecute this blatant case of criminal elder abuse.

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Elder Abuse is a Crime

We believe that the evidence supports that Robert Lewis Fuller, Doris Aleda Fuller, Daniel Kristoff Lak et al. may have committed the following felony violations:

(1) Violation of CALIFORNIA PENAL CODE SECTION 368-368.5 Special Crimes Against Elders [Criminal Elder Abuse]

(2) Violation of CALIFORNIA PENAL CODE SECTION 487 Grand Theft

(3) Violation of CALIFORNIA PENAL CODE SECTION 506 Embezzlement

(4) Violation of CALIFORNIA PENAL CODE SECTION 118 Perjury

(5) Violation of CALIFORNIA PENAL CODE SECTION 470-483.5 Forgery, Fraud, Defraud, Corruption of Records.

(6) Violations of various other CALIFORNIA PENAL & CIVIL CODES

"Of all the illegal and illicit enterprises in the world, elder exploitation is among the safest and most profitable."


  1. This lak character draws up a will and can't even get the name right? Mr. Fuller would have been better served by LegalZoom.

    In a disturbingly revealing YouTube video, lak calls himself a "rock star." If and when he is no longer allowed to play attorney, he will have a career screeching out "Sweet Home Alabama" in karaoke bars.

    1. Won't you post a link?

      That's not the only time that the abusers misspelled Mr. Fuller's name and not the only time that they've lied their ass off concerning Mr. Fuller.

      I wonder what tunes he'd sing in a jail house shower with "Buddha" [Robert's street name in the 50s & 60s] singing backup.



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