22 March 2013

Judge Charged with Elder Abuse Resigns

East Bay Judge Charged with Elder Abuse Resigns

By Lisa Fernandez  |  Thursday, Mar 21, 2013  |  Updated 2:36 PM PDT

An Alameda County judge charged with stealing thousands of dollars from his Berkeley neighbor, selling her art, and using her garage to store his Thunderbird has resigned and agreed to never be a judge again.

Kathleen Ewins wrote in an email to NBC Bay Area on Thursday that her client, former Judge Paul Seeman, had resigned. He had a "distinguished career," she wrote and "he felt this was an appropriate action to take at this time for the good of the court."

Seeman resigned in exchange for the Commission on Judicial Performance halting its investigation into him, according to the Oakland Tribune. The newspaper reported that he had remained on the bench - and continued to receive a paycheck - while his criminal case proceeded, though he had not appeared in court since his arrest.

Seeman was charged in June 2012 with one count of elder theft and 11 counts of perjury, all felonies, as well as enhancements alleging that he stole at least $200,000. This month, the Tribune reported that the District Attorney amended its complaint, charging Seeman with 20 additional crimes, for a total of 32 counts in all.

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  1. Daniel K. Lak and his clients, siblings Robert L. Fuller and Doris A. Fuller a.k.a. Doris Fuller Stewart are above the law.

    Violation of CALIFORNIA PENAL CODE SECTION 368-368.5 Special Crimes Against Elders [Criminal Elder Abuse].

    Former Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley and current District Attorney Jackie Lacey's office has told us to seek a civil remedy???

  2. Could it be possible that this is one of the judges who vouched for lak's "good character"?

    1. Alameda County, CA...

      Speaking of Lak's character, March 21, 2011:


      Lack list his "References" at the end.

      Lack never mentions that he helped facilitate the theft of over $308,000.00 cash and several real estate holding by his clients from a mentally diminished, sickly 91-year-old man.

    2. RE: Daniel Lak



      Defendants: Brian Goddard and Daniel K. Lak

      Case 2:09-cv-00686-RLH-LRL Document 1-2 Filed 04/16/2009

      District Court, Clark County Nevada

      Town & Country Bank, Plaintiff


  3. Just what the world needs--another crooked lawyer going into politics.

    That resume looks either grossly exaggerated or largely fictional. "Manage a team of attorneys, paralegals, and administrative staff" ???

    His "law firm" is most likely a one man operation, and his web site isn't even functional right now. Maybe he bounced a check to the web master?


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